Personal theory of human behavior

Your task is to write a paper describing “your personal theory of human behavior.” The Corey text presents several formal theories of human behavior from clinical and organizational perspectives, respectively. It begins with basic assumptions about human behavior and then operationalizes those assumptions by developing a structured approach to explain how those assumptions shape our thoughts and actions. While your theory may not be as formal and elaborate, you do have one!

You will be writing a unique paper for this course. The paper will have a specific format that you need to follow. The required format for this paper is provided in the section titled: “My Theory Paper Instructions”. Below, you will find a description of the paper.

Your task is to write a paper describing “your theory of human behavior.” Each person constructs their own theory of human behavior based on their past experience. As you have experienced the world, you have drawn assumptions, seen similarities and differences, and created a system (i.e., a theory) to help you better understand people and the world around you. The texts present several formal theories of human behavior. These theories are presented within the context of psychotherapy and organizational behavior but note that each is a distinct theory of human behavior. While your personal theory may not be as overtly formal and elaborate, you do have and use a complex theory.

Consider the assumptions you make about others and the world, and the general principles that you believe operate within or between people, etc. You can use the material from the texts to define, elaborate, and clarify your theory.

Note: Your theory does not necessarily have to be like one or more of the theories you are reading about in the texts. In fact, it could be a combination of two or more, or it could be a blend of these theories plus unique views you have developed or a completely unique theory of your construction. Of significant importance is that your theory address such topics as 1) the fundamental assumptions that support your theory, and 2) the basic concepts used to construct your theory, and sources of motivation, regardless of the domain (counseling, clinical, human resources, organizational, etc.) on which your theory is focused.

Please divide your paper into three parts and label them as noted below.

Part I -Basic nature of your theoretical orientation

This section of your paper should include a basic description of your theory of human behavior. Understand that I am not expecting your theory to have the same level of detail and development as one finds in the Corey chapters. However, I am looking for sufficient detail and breadth of coverage so that I can recognize a well-considered theory. This section should represent 40-50% of your paper.

Thus, at a minimum, you need to present some basic assumptions of your theory, the foundational elements or constructs of your theory, and the dynamic or motivational nature of your theory. For example, Carl Rogers presented a humanism-based theory that made certain assumptions about how we view the world and what is important in viewing ourselves and others, etc. He also offered us important elements (or theoretical constructs) of his theory, such as the self, the experiential field, the organismic valuing process. These are the basic building blocks of this theory. Rogers also offered an interesting system to explain our basic motivations (i.e., the actualizing tendency, the need for positive regard, etc.). In Part I of your paper, you should provide this type of explanation of your theory—in other words, your assumptions, basic constructs, explanation of motivation, etc.—although, again, it is understood that your theory may not be as detailed and extensive as the theories in your texts.

Part II -Critical analysis of your theory

This section should discuss three major issues: 1) the strengths of your theory, 2) the weaknesses of your theory, and 3) to what degree and how well your theory addresses cultural diversity. Where do you think your theory is effective and useful? Where do you think it needs improvement? How might it be limited?

Part III -Unique influences on your theory

Your unique background includes such factors as your culture, ethnicity, sex, gender, religion, political perspective, and a multitude of formative experiences. Describe some factors in your background and how they might have influenced your theory. How do your background and experience aid your ability to understand others and how does it restrict or hinder your ability to understand others?

your personal theory of human behavior


Human behavior is a fascinating topic, but it’s also incredibly complex. To understand it, we need to look at how our brains work and what drives our behavior. As scientists have learned more about the human brain, they’ve discovered that there are many different theories about how we think and behave as individuals. This article will give you an overview of some of these theories so that you can explore them further if they interest you!

1. Humans are driven by biology, not culture

  • Humans are driven by biology, not culture.
  • Biodiversity is important because it allows us to adapt to our environment and gives us the ability to survive in new places.
  • Biology is more important than culture because it’s the foundation of all human behavior and thought processes, which would otherwise be impossible without it.

2. Human behavior is mostly innate (not learned)

Human behavior is mostly innate (not learned). This means that humans are born with a lot of innate knowledge about how to survive, interact with other humans and the environment, and so forth. These are things that we’ve been doing for thousands of years — long before we were even aware of them! This is why it’s so important for people to understand their own personal theories about human behavior: if you don’t believe something works on a deep level then you won’t be able to tap into its power when it comes time for something new or different in your life.

3. Humans are tribal by nature

You may be surprised to learn that humans are tribal by nature. We’re social animals and need to belong to a group, whether it’s family, church or club. We want to be accepted by the group and feel like we are part of it–even if we aren’t!

This is why we gravitate towards groups who share our values and beliefs; after all, if your friends don’t think what you do is right, then why should anyone else?

4. Humans have a tendency to over-value their culture, and undervalue other groups’ traditions and values

In the modern world, humans are tribal by nature. We have a tendency to overvalue our culture and undervalue other groups’ traditions and values. This can lead to conflict because we’re not always able to see things from another person’s perspective; instead, we see them as being “other.”

The problems with this mentality go beyond just social media or political debates: it also plays into our everyday lives as individuals who live in different countries or cultures around the world. For example, if you have friends from India who are Muslim but they don’t tell you about their religion (and vice versa), then you’ll never know what they believe unless one of them mentions it! Or perhaps an American friend doesn’t want anyone else at work knowing he has a Muslim wife because he feels ashamed about her faith–but then again maybe that’s why they’re married: so they can hide their true selves away from society?

5. Humans are fundamentally insecure creatures who desire acceptance and affirmation from others, but do not like to be rejected or criticized by the same people they accept

  • Humans are fundamentally insecure creatures who desire acceptance and affirmation from others, but do not like to be rejected or criticized by the same people they accept.

Humans have an innate need to feel accepted by their peers. This means that we want our opinions to be validated, even if it means being told what we already know or saying things that we think are obvious. We also don’t like being told otherwise–we’re afraid of being criticized and rejected by those around us (especially if they’re our friends).

6. We tend to categorize all things that happen in the world, which can make it hard to see any individual as unique or different from us in any particular way

  • We tend to categorize all things that happen in the world, which can make it hard to see any individual as unique or different from us in any particular way

It’s easy for humans to think of themselves as members of a tribe–the tribe they were born into, their ethnic group or religion (if you’re Christian, then everyone else is automatically an enemy), or maybe even just your team at work. We see ourselves as part of something greater than ourselves and therefore want others to see us as such too; we want acceptance and affirmation from them so we know we’re doing something right by being part of this group!

But this tendency can also be dangerous because our tribal mentality can lead us away from seeing what makes other people different from ourselves: their values and traditions may seem strange compared with ours; they might not have our same experiences or beliefs; they might even seem less worthy than those who share our identity label (e.g., “white Americans”). With this mindset firmly planted in our heads, how do we ever hope that these differences won’t cause tension between groups?

Your personal theory of human behavior is as good as mine

Your personal theory of human behavior is as good as mine, because we are all looking at the world from our own perspective. We may not be aware of it or even able to articulate it, but we all see things differently from one another because of how we learned to think about them.

Your personal theories about other people’s behaviors are just that–your own views on their actions (and inaction). It’s important not to judge someone else based on what you think they should do or not do; instead, listen carefully and understand where they’re coming from before making judgments based on what you believe would be best for them in that situation.


Humans are complex creatures, but there is one thing that most of us can agree on: human behavior is hard to understand. The field of psychology has tried and failed to pin down the exact mechanisms behind our actions, and we may never fully grasp what drives us or why we do what we do. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how each of us might explain why humans act the way they do–and what these explanations mean for our lives as well as society as a whole.

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