Chaos Theory of organization

Answer Discussion below based on reading: Set 1: 250 words.

What is meant by Chaos Theory of organization, and how does it work in public organizations?

How does “Shake and Crack” work in public organizations? What is meant by “bifurcation and butterfly effect”?

Does Donald Trump represent Order or Chaos? How? Set 2: 300 words Chapter 4 of Farazmand book discusses Organizational Elite Theory, which has many implications for public administrators, managers, politicians, and citizens.

What does Farazmand mean by Organizational Elite (OE)? How does OE Theory operate in public organizations? Explain the three levels of organizational elites at FAU (Apex elites, Linking elites, and Operational elites).

Identify and briefly explain some of the most powerful state or national elites (families/names) in the US.

What is meant by Invisibility Shielding? What is meant by the “Interlocking directorates” or “Inner Circle elites”?\

What is meant by Chaos Theory of organization, and how does it work in public organizations?


Chaos theory is an area of mathematics that deals with the behavior of systems that are highly sensitive and/or nonlinear. It’s also known as non-linear dynamics or dynamical systems theory. Chaos theory can be applied to many different aspects of science, including fluid dynamics, biology and economics. In biology, chaos theory has been used to explain how cells grow into organisms such as humans, animals and plants. In economics, chaos theory has been used in mathematical models for understanding business cycles such as recessions or booms because these processes are nonlinear phenomena which do not follow simple rules like linear equations do

What is meant by Chaos Theory of organization?

Chaos theory is the study of systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. It is a branch of mathematics that studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Chaos theory was first developed in 1948 by one of its earliest practitioners, Martin Ramin (1919-1994). In his original paper, he described an experiment where he created an artificial world with deterministic rules and then tracked how it evolved over time.

Chaotic systems are extremely sensitive to initial conditions; if you change one thing within them, you could get drastic changes in how they behave later on down the line–and this can be both good and bad news depending upon what kind of problem you’re trying to solve!

How does it work in public organizations?

Chaos theory is a way of looking at how things work in the world. It accounts for the unpredictability of the world, and can be used to explain why things happen the way they do. For example, if you’re driving down a highway and suddenly see an overturned car on your side of traffic, there’s no reason to think it will still be there when you get there–but chaos theory says that it probably will be. Or if someone says they’re going to jump off a bridge into water below but doesn’t actually make their attempt until after they’ve seen everyone else do so successfully (i.e., because they were waiting their turn), then this could also fall under chaos theory terms because there’s not much rhyme or reason behind such behavior; people just do what feels right at any given moment without thinking too hard about its consequences beforehand!

Chaos theory has been very useful in the business world.

A company’s ability to predict and manage its resources is an important part of the business world. Chaos theory has been used in these types of organizations to help them better understand their competitors’ actions, as well as their own strategies.

Chaos theory can also be used by companies that are trying to make sense out of their data and make predictions about what will happen next. For example, if you’re a retailer with online sales data on hand, then you can use chaos theory to see how your customers behave over time (e.g., if they buy more when they get in line versus when they get home).


In conclusion, Chaos theory can be applied to any organization to improve its efficiency.

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