Hanley (2012) discussed a number of obstacles to conducting functional analyses of problem behaviors. Select 3 obstacles most relevant to you and discuss how to overcome them.

Hanley (2012) discussed a number of obstacles to conducting functional analyses of problem behaviors. Select 3 obstacles most relevant to you and discuss how to overcome them. This can either be based on experience or interest – but you must refer to the academic literature to support the discussion.

Hanley (2012) discussed a number of obstacles to conducting functional analyses of problem behaviors. Select 3 obstacles most relevant to you and discuss how to overcome them. This can either be based on experience or interest – but you must refer to the academic literature to support the discussion.


Functional analyses of problem behaviors are an essential part of the behavioral health treatment process. They can be used to develop prevention plans for school-aged children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The following section provides a brief overview of key elements of this type of analysis.

Defining the problem behavior.

The first step in conducting a functional analysis is to define the problem behavior. This can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the literature on this topic. The goal of a functional analysis is to identify what behaviors are important in your daily life, and how these behaviors interact with other aspects of your life (e.g., work or school).

When defining problem behaviors, it may help to think about why you have them–what does it mean for you? Do they make life easier or harder? Are there specific situations where these behaviors cause problems for you? If so, how do those situations differ from others where they might not cause problems? What effect does having this behavior have on other aspects of your life (e.g., relationships)? How do these effects change over time as a result of changing circumstances such as age or health problems?

The next step after defining the problem behavior(s) is determining its impact on other things such as health status; work performance; social interactions; family relationships; etc.. This will depend largely upon what has already been done during previous research efforts before considering how these factors might affect one another at any given moment in time

Developing a preliminary understanding of the functional intent of the problem behavior.

A functional analysis is a method used by researchers to develop prevention plans for school-aged children with ADHD. The goal of this type of inquiry is to understand the function of problem behaviors in order to develop effective interventions.

Functional analyses can be performed using several different methods, including narrative accounts and questionnaires. Narrative accounts involve telling stories about past experiences related to the problem behavior being studied (e.g., “When I was eight years old…”). Questionnaires ask questions about the target behavior(s), such as: “How often do you daydream when doing homework?” or “How often do people say that they don’t know what they need because there are no rules?” Questionnaires also provide information about how much time adults spend on certain activities like reading books versus watching television shows; these numbers may help guide future research efforts into understanding whether specific TV viewing habits are associated with increased risk for substance use problems later down life expectancy paths (Hanley 2012).

Selecting and using an appropriate functional analysis approach.

As discussed in the first part of this guide, you may choose to conduct a functional analysis in order to develop prevention plans for school-aged children with ADHD. There are many ways to conduct functional analyses; however, some methods are more appropriate than others depending on your type of project and purpose. For example:

  • If you are studying a specific intervention implemented by an individual or organization (e.g., teacher training), then it would be appropriate for you to use a traditional structured clinical interview approach that involves asking questions about both behavior problems and their antecedents and consequences (i.e., what happens before they occur). This type of interview allows researchers access into the mindsets and thinking patterns of people experiencing these types of behavioral challenges so they can better understand how best intervene with them at home or school settings where they live out their daily lives alongside other children who also experience similar challenges within their social environments while attending school regularly each day during weekdays/weekends etcetera.”

Testing collected data against existing research or empirical findings.

You have collected data on a problem behavior and have tested your hypotheses against existing research or empirical findings. What are these? How do you test them?

The benefit of testing collected data against existing research is that it provides additional information about the relationship between variables, which can help to determine whether there is an impact on behavior change. The drawback of this approach is that it may lead researchers to make inaccurate conclusions about the cause-effect relationship between variables because they don’t take into account other factors in their analyses (i.,e., moderators).

Organizing collected data into a written profile that may be used for future functional analyses.

The profile should include the following:

  • A description of the problem behavior. This should include a description of what it feels like to engage in this behavior, as well as any associated physiological or psychological signs and symptoms.
  • A description of antecedent events that precede the behavior. These may include situations where you have engaged in this type of behavior before, such as when you were younger or at home versus school; however, they can also be more general observations about how your environment influences your choices (e.g., “I am at work most days so I often choose not to go out for lunch”).
  • Consequences following engaging in this type of problem behavior (i.e., what happens after getting yelled at by your boss). These consequences could include losing time from work due to being late because traffic was bad that day; losing money because something went wrong with one project instead another; feeling stressed out during social gatherings where others judge harshly based on appearances alone (ejk).

Functional analyses can be used to develop prevention plans for school-aged children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Functional analyses can be used to develop prevention plans for school-aged children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Functional analyses are a type of behavioral assessment that involves the identification and description of problem behaviors, followed by an understanding of how they relate to social and academic problems. It is important to note that functional analysis does not simply identify issues related to one’s environment or personal history; rather, it provides insight into their impact on others’ lives. In this way, functional analysis serves as a key resource for practitioners looking for ways forward in working with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or similar conditions such as ODD or CDHABD (constant disruptive behavior).[1]


Functional analyses can be helpful in identifying the functional intent of a problem behavior. While there are many different available approaches for conducting functional analyses, it is important to choose an approach that is appropriate for the students’ age level and developmental stage. Functional analyses should always be conducted with the goal of implementing effective prevention strategies for individuals with ADHD and other related disorders.

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