safe, effective nursing interventions for the postpartum client and newborn

The goal of creating a newborn nutrition teaching presentation is to prepare the nursing student to provide evidenced based education to the pre and postpartum client on lactation.


Select safe, effective nursing interventions for the postpartum client and newborn.


Create a teaching tool to promote breastfeeding. The material created to educate new mothers on breastfeeding will influence the mothers decision to breastfeed, including duration, based on the quality and content of the teaching.

Assignment Requirements

Your teaching tool will be a trifold and must include this relevant content for a mother considering the risks and benefits of breastfeeding a newborn.

  • Explain how breast milk is formed in the mammary glands and the physiology of breast milk
  • Include two 2020 National Health Goals related to newborn nutrition to support breast feeding as the best choice. See the link below:
  • Discuss the advantages of breastfeeding related to immunities transferred to the newborn
  • Describe three additional benefits of breast feeding with supporting rationales
  • Include at least two supporting resources
  • Document must be written
  • Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • Logical, original and insightful
  • Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format
  • Submit document through to correct errors before submission

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Select safe, effective nursing interventions for the postpartum client and newborn.


Postpartum nursing is a complex area of nursing. It involves many aspects of patient care, including nutrition, skin integrity changes, respiration and sleep. It also requires an understanding of the newborn’s development and needs as well as mother-infant interaction. In addition to these general principles, there are specific interventions that can be used to help improve the outcomes for both mother and child after birth.

Assessment of the newborn and the mother.

When assessing the newborn and the mother, it’s important to make sure that you are asking the right questions. Remember that a well-trained healthcare provider will ask about any concerns they have in order to determine whether or not there is an immediate need for intervention. If you feel like something could be wrong with your infant, make sure that you tell them as soon as possible so that they can address it appropriately.

Nutrition assessment.

Whenever your client is in the hospital, you should visit her regularly to assess her nutrition status. This includes checking on breastfeeding, formula feeding, bottle feeding and breast milk supply; as well as assessing whether she has enough formula or if there is a need for additional preparation of the formula. You also need to check for nipple confusion (if you see it) and nipple pain (if you notice).

If your client has been given formula by IV or nasogastric tube because she cannot breastfeed comfortably or at all due to medical issues such as postpartum depression or placenta previa/ectopic pregnancy, then don’t forget about those feedings!

Weight gain and mother-infant interaction.

  • Mother-infant bonding
  • Breastfeeding
  • Holding the baby
  • Talking to the baby

Restless, irritable infants.

Infants are born with a full bladder and bowel. They can’t communicate their discomfort, so your job is to find out what’s wrong and help them feel better.

You can also use these steps to manage infants who are irritable or restless:

  • Restlessness–the infant’s movements may increase in frequency or intensity, but they do not become more frequent or intense over time; for example, an infant may move from side-to-side several times per minute one minute and then slow down for several minutes before resuming their usual pattern again later on (this pattern is called cyclic activity).
  • Irritability–the infant cries persistently without any obvious reason why they’re upset (for example: “I want my mommy” or “Mommy loves me”).

Skin integrity changes.

Skin integrity changes are common and can be managed with education and good skin care practices. Skin integrity is the main concern of postpartum clients, who want to know they’re doing everything they can to help their bodies heal from childbirth. Every client wants you to reassure them that all will be well, but this may not be true for everyone–especially if you’ve never experienced labor before or if your own health history includes a long period without medical care (like diabetes).

Postpartum clients often experience changes in their skin after delivery: chafing from underwear rubbing against it; rashes caused by bacteria on dirty bedding or wet towels; cracked heels that make walking difficult; broken blood vessels under their breasts making it feel like there’s a bruise there even though nothing exists except for what’s inside them–these are just some examples of common issues many women deal with when caring for themselves after giving birth! The good news is that most problems can be prevented with proper hygiene techniques such as washing hands frequently throughout each day (and before/after eating), wearing clean clothes every day instead of letting clothes get stinky between washes because “I don’t feel like doing laundry today” etc…

Respiratory distress and apnea.

Respiratory distress is a medical emergency that can cause death. It occurs when the pressure of the lungs becomes too low and blood supply to the tissues is reduced, causing tissue damage and death. Respiratory distress can be caused by:

  • High levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in your blood
  • Low levels of oxygen in your blood

If you see signs of respiratory distress, such as rapid breathing or gasping for breath, seek immediate medical attention from a healthcare provider like an ambulance service or emergency room doctor. If you’re unable to get help right away and it’s necessary for someone else to monitor your baby’s condition while you go get help, have them call 911 immediately after they’ve made sure everything looks okay–this means putting your phone by his crib so he doesn’t get scared when he hears loud noises like sirens outside his window!

Postpartum nursing care is complex and challenging but rewarding in many ways

Postpartum nursing care is complex and challenging, but rewarding in many ways. The mother and baby are at an increased risk for complications after birth, so postpartum nurses must work together to ensure that they receive the proper level of support from their caregivers.

Postpartum nursing care is important for the health of both mothers and babies. The mother’s health can be directly affected by how well she receives postpartum care after giving birth; this includes nutrition, hydration, weight loss or gain (depending on size), pain management techniques such as medication or physical therapy exercises (if required), etc…


The first few days after the birth of a baby are critical in developing a relationship with your new child. It’s essential to keep them healthy, safe and happy so they can make the transition as easy as possible. The postpartum period includes many unique challenges that need special care including breastfeeding, skin protection and emotional support.

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