Define “autonomy” and “shame and doubt” using your own words as it relates to this psychosocial crisis.  Why are these tasks important during this developmental period. Provide support for your stance.

Chapter 3 discusses emotional development and regulation in infancy.  Erikson proposes that individuals navigate the psychosocial crisis of Autonomy versus shame and doubt between the age range of eighteen months to three years of age.  1.) Define “autonomy” and “shame and doubt” using your own words as it relates to this psychosocial crisis.  Why are these tasks important during this developmental period. Provide support for your stance.  2.) How do you typically manage negative and/or positive emotion(s)?  3.) How might your early experiences have influenced your style of emotional self-regulation? Think about your caregiver(s) parenting style and be sure to identify the style based upon the four different attachment styles discussed in Chapter Three. Responses must be at minimum three paragraphs.


Define “autonomy” and “shame and doubt” using your own words as it relates to this psychosocial crisis.  Why are these tasks important during this developmental period. Provide support for your stance.


Autonomy is the ability to make decisions and act on them in a way that is not influenced by others. Autonomy is an important developmental task for children because it helps them develop their own identity as well as their capacity for relationships with others. In order for people to feel autonomous, they need certain qualities such as self-control, self-esteem and managing their emotions (e.g., shame).

The separation of self from others and the ability to achieve one’s own goals.

Autonomy is the ability to make your own decisions and do what you want. It’s important because it helps you learn how to achieve your goals, as well as being independent and self-reliant.

Regulate emotions such as shame and doubt caused by feelings of being inadequate.

It is important to understand that emotions are a part of life. They are neither good nor bad; they simply are. Feelings of shame and doubt can be caused by feelings of inadequacy, which can lead to an inability to regulate emotions such as shame and doubt.

Shame is defined as “an unpleasant feeling or experience because we have done something wrong or shameful,” whereas doubt refers to “something believed but not fully known,” according to Merriam Webster Dictionary . This concept applies not only in regards toward sexual abuse but also other forms of violence against children such as domestic violence against women—both examples show how important it is for parents (and adults) who care about children’s development process take action during this stage because there might be signs early on that indicate this type of behavior may occur soon down the road.”

Self-concept and identity.

Self-concept is your perception of yourself. It’s how you see yourself and how others see you. Identity is a sense of belonging to a group or community. Define these terms using your own words as it relates to this psychosocial crisis.

Self-concept and identity are both important in development because they help us understand who we are as individuals, which can have positive outcomes like being able to make decisions on our own behalf (instead of letting others influence them). This can also lead to problems if it doesn’t develop properly due to external factors such as abuse or neglect at home when growing up; however, even though these things may occur early on in life they don’t necessarily mean that person won’t one day be able go through life without any issues related specifically with self-image/self concept/identity issues later down line after having gone through enough experiences during adolescence until adulthood where there might still be some lingering effects left over from childhood years spent dealing with these issues already dealt with earlier so now instead focus more attention on current situation rather than going back too far memories

Emotional capacities, including tolerance for embarrassment or shame.

Shame and doubt are normal emotional responses to failure, but they are also important for development. It is important that children feel shame and doubt when they fail at something because this will help them learn from their mistakes. For example, if you lose your shoe in the middle of a lesson at school, then there may be some embarrassment involved but it’s also helpful for you as a child because now you know how much time goes into making new shoes!

If we don’t feel any emotions then we don’t learn anything useful from our experiences either. It’s important that children have an emotional response so they can understand what happened when they failed an assignment or task at home/school/etc…

Defining autonomy can help us understand how autonomy needs to be addressed in this society during development.

You will learn more about autonomy and its importance during this developmental period.

Autonomy is the ability to achieve one’s own goals, which can be defined as self-directed behavior. During adolescence, teens begin to develop their sense of who they are and what they want out of life. This process involves making choices based on their values and beliefs; it also involves developing skills needed for making decisions that affect one’s interests (Gottman & Levenson). Adolescents gain this sense of autonomy through having experiences where they take responsibility for themselves and others as well as having access to information about how things work in society (Gottman & Levenson). As adolescents move from childhood into adulthood, they become more independent from their parents’ influence by taking greater risks than children do when faced with new situations or challenges that require courage rather than fearlessness (Adler).


This is a difficult time for many people and their families. I would like to thank you for your time and attention. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at


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