Operating Systems

CS 410 Operating SystemsHomework 02

Review Questions (7 pts/ea)2.1 What are three objectives of an OS design?2.2 What is the kernel of an OS?2.3 What is multiprogramming?2.4 What is a process?2.5 How is the execution context of a process used by the OS?2.6 List and briefly explain five storage management responsibilities of a typical OS.2.7 Explain the distinction between a real address and a virtual address.2.8 Describe the round-robin scheduling technique.2.9 Explain the difference between a monolithic kernel and a microkernel.2.10 What is multithreading?2.11 List the key design issues for an SMP operating system.

Problems: (8 pts the first two, 7 points the last one)2.2 An I/O-bound program is one that, if run alone, would spend more time waiting forI/O than using the processor. A processor-bound program is the opposite. Suppose ashort-term scheduling algorithm favors those programs that have used little processortime in the recent past. Explain why this algorithm favors I/O-bound programs andyet does not permanently deny processor time to processor-bound programs.

2.3 Contrast the scheduling policies you might use when trying to optimize a time-sharingsystem with those you would use to optimize a multiprogrammed batch system.

2.4 What is the purpose of system calls, and how do system calls relate to the OS and tothe concept of dual-mode (kernel-mode and user-mode) operation?

SUBMISSIONSubmit a DOCX or PDF document through Western Online with the answers to the questions orproblems typing the corresponding numbers and questions (or at least the numbers) in boldand in the proper order before your answers.Use a different font color for the numbers and questions (or at least for the numbers), than thecolor used for your answers.


Operating Systems


Operating systems are a type of software that control the computer hardware, and provide services like memory management, input and output, hardware abstraction and so on. They are written in binary code which means they run on processors that have their own CPUs (central processing units), RAM (random access memory) or ROM (read only memory).

There are four main operating systems that power most computers. Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

There are four main operating systems that power most computers. Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Windows is a personal computer operating system that runs on many different devices like desktops or laptops. It also has versions for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Linux is an open source operating system that was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 to run on PC’s but it can be used with other devices too such as the Raspberry Pi computer which is designed around this platform so you don’t need a high end Windows machine when you want to use Linux based software on your own device! The reason why it’s called “open source” means there are no restrictions on how much code can be added onto the project before release so everyone gets access at any time without having permission first! This makes things much easier for anyone who wants their own version just like what happened with Android where companies had been using proprietary technology which meant they couldn’t modify anything else without paying royalties each time someone tried doing something new instead of using what they already knew worked best!”

All modern operating systems are based on the X86-64 architecture.

The X86-64 architecture is the most common computer architecture for personal computers, and it’s based on the superset of the 32-bit x86 architecture. This means that it supports more than 4GB of RAM, can run 64-bit applications, and has support for virtualization technologies such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V server software or VMware Workstation Player (which lets you run Windows or Linux inside your OS X environment).

The first 32 bit microprocessors came out in the early 1980s; they were primarily used in IBM personal computers like the IBM PC Model 5150 (released 1984), which had a 6 MHz 8088 processor running at 3.5 MHZ speed with 24 KB cache size—it was also known as “PCjr.”

The first version of Unix was written in 1969 by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs.

Unix is a family of computer operating systems created by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others at Bell Labs in the late 1960s. The first version of Unix was written in 1969 by Thompson and Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs. In 1971, they released it as open source software under an academic license.[4]

The name “Unix” comes from the idea that all users would be equal (unlike other OSes) and that there would be no need for special permissions to run programs on your machine (as with MS-DOS). It also implies that these operating systems are based on concepts from C programming languages instead of assembly language instructions or machine code instructions which are typically used by computers today

Unix was originally developed for use with mainframes under control of UNIX System V – this meant it could work with multiple computers at once without needing any special hardware setup; however this made it very difficult for administrators who needed easy access across different networks

We will discuss how these programs work and what they do

An operating system is a computer program that controls the operation of a computer. It provides common services for all applications to interact with. For example, you can use an operating system to run your word processor application and also access files on your hard drive.

Operating systems come in many different forms: Microsoft Windows uses its own version of Windows as its core OS, while Linux has its own GNU/Linux distribution (and several others). However, all these systems share some important features: they’re designed to be portable between platforms; they allow users to customize their experience; they allow multiple users access at once; they support user-defined security policies; etc…


Operating systems are the programs that control your computer. They are the interface between you and your machine, so they can do everything from displaying a webpage to playing games. The most popular operating systems today are Windows and Linux, but there are many more out there. This article will discuss what each one does and how it works!

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