Reading the poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses, what are  some similarities you see here with other creation myths?

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Reading the poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses, what are  some similarities you see here with other creation myths? How does this  set up the issues to come in the rest of Ovid?


Reading the poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses, what are  some similarities you see here with other creation myths? How does this  set up the issues to come in the rest of Ovid?


The poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses is a very interesting piece of literature. Though it’s not really a creation story like the ones in Genesis, it does explore some of the same themes of coming into existence. So let’s take a look at how these themes play out here!

Let’s start with the similarities.

Let’s start with the similarities.

  • Both myths tell the story of how there was originally only Chaos, and how he was created by God. In both stories, it is said that God created everything from nothing (or “from non-being”).
  • The characters in both myths are described as having been made out of clay or mud; they were then given life through water and breath (from above). This also connects them to Ovid’s description of Venus as being made from clay: “But when she had been moulded into shape by Vulcan’s hands.”

The gods are often a key part of creation myths.

The gods are often a key part of creation myths. They help shape the world, or they create it from scratch. In some stories, they may even be involved in creating life itself. In many ways, this makes sense–after all, if you’re going to make something new then you need something to inspire your work! But what about when there’s nothing? How can you create something out of nothingness?

Sometimes, humans are created to guide the gods in creating their worlds.

In some creation myths, humans are created to help the gods in creating their worlds. In this poem, Ovid describes how these beings were created to be companions and servants of the gods.

The first god creates woman from his rib, which he then places on top of another man’s head (the man who would become her husband). Woman is given a voice so that she can speak back to him and tell him what she thinks about everything he does wrong with his work.

Woman then leaves her husband because he doesn’t treat her well enough (although this may be more about how much time he spends away from home than anything else). She goes off into nature where she meets other people who have been made by different gods; these beings are also made from parts of other animals but they’re not necessarily considered human anymore since they don’t share similar characteristics like humans do such as being able to speak or walk uprightly like us humans do when we stand up straight instead of slouching over sideways like bears do while sleeping outside during winter months while waiting for springtime weather conditions before heading back out again…

In Creation Stories, humans are brought into existence by fire or water.

Ovid’s version of the story also invokes a similar play on words, as he uses the Greek word “ethnos” (people) and its cognate Latin word “genus” (race). This can be translated as either “kind” or “race.” In this case, it refers to both Adam and Eve being created from clay by God himself. The fact that they were created using these two materials suggests that Adam is made from earth and Eve comes from water; this is echoed by their names (“meter” means ‘earth’ in Greek), which are derived from earthy terms such as meter (mound) or meter (surface). However, at some point after creation–when man has become fully formed–God puts them together with fire so that they may live together in harmony forevermore; thus we have been given everything necessary for our survival: food, clothing…and love!

But sometimes creation is a human act, rather than an act of God.

The creation of man is a human act. In fact, it’s made up of many acts: Adam and Eve eat the fruit of knowledge on their own, and then God tells them to hide from him because he thinks they’ve been disobedient. It’s not until after they’ve eaten that he makes them naked and takes away their clothes so they can’t cover themselves up with fig leaves anymore (Genesis 3:7-10). This means that when we look back at this story as humans reading it from our perspective as readers today, we see that God wasn’t really involved in any way with how things went down–it was all about human actions!

In addition to this being an example of creation being done by humans rather than God (and therefore not partaking in “that” kind), note also how completely different these two accounts are in terms of details regarding what actually happened during each one:

  • Adam ate first; then Eve ate – which means there was no second generation created out of Adam’s rib!
  • Instead though…

Humans can create things from nothingness, which is what happens when Eve makes Adam from one of Adam’s ribs and puts him into her side (Genesis 1).

The first creation story in the Bible is from Genesis 1:1-2:3, which tells us that God created humans as male and female. The story goes on to say that Adam was created first and named after him by God. Then Eve was made from one of his ribs so they could be partners with each other, but they were still separate beings because they had different roles to play in life (Adam was responsible for eating food while Eve would cook it).

It seems that everything started off well enough until one day when Eve came across some fruit off a tree close by; she realized this would be perfect for making something delicious right away! However she didn’t know what kind of thing she wanted yet so she held onto it until later when she could figure out how best use them properly — but then another thought occurred…”Maybe we should just eat them now instead? Maybe then everything will work out alright?”

Eve uses a bone from Adam’s side to create children for Adam (Genesis 2).

In the poem, Adam and Eve are created from a person’s rib. This is the first woman, Eve. She is made from Adam’s rib, and she becomes his wife. Since she was created from one of his bones and he had only one at that time, it can be assumed that these two were not related biologically before this moment in time.


So, in conclusion, these two poems have a lot in common. They both tell stories about creation and how humans can play a part in that process. But they also differ in many ways: while Ovid focuses on the gods, Metamorphoses focuses more on the humans. It’s interesting to see how different authors choose to tell their stories!


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