how different countries approach aging.



Aging includes the cognitive, physical, and social-emotional changes that occur during late adulthood. Varying cultures take different approaches to aging. At the same time, individuals within these cultures and societies may have varied and distinctly personal views regarding aging. When addressing aging in late adulthood, one must also address death, dying, and bereavement. Religious and spiritual beliefs, gender, personality, and coping style can all impact an individual’s responses to and beliefs about death (Berk, 2023). Today, web-based virtual cemeteries are a new way for people to connect and grieve with each other, even when separated by distance. Nonetheless, varying cultures approach aging in many different ways.

For this Discussion, you will examine how different countries approach aging.


To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Consider how different countries approach aging. As you consider different countries, think about the following:
    • Do older adults live with their children, or are they more likely to live in a nursing home?
    • Are older adults seen as wise individuals to be respected and revered, or are they a burden to their family and to society?
  • Next, select two different countries and compare and contrast their approaches to aging.

Post and identify each of the countries you selected. Then, explain two similarities and two differences in how the countries approach aging. Be specific and provide examples. Use your Learning Resources to support your post. Use proper APA format and citations.



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examine how different countries approach aging.


Aging is a global issue, but the way each country approaches it varies. While some countries like to promote healthy longevity and others have more traditional views, there are also countries that have tackled aging very differently. In this post we’ll look at how different countries approach aging by examining their policies surrounding health care and social security programs for older adults.

China is an interesting case because it has both a very traditional view that aging is bad and one that is more modern.

China is an interesting case because it has both a very traditional view that aging is bad and one that is more modern. The Chinese government has made efforts to modernize its culture and economy, but it still has a long way to go before reaching Western levels of health care and living standards.

China’s government recognizes the importance of avoiding poverty by providing social assistance programs for the elderly, as well as investing in technology to help them stay healthy. However, these measures are not enough for some groups within China: there are some who feel that their quality of life will be harmed if they receive public assistance from the government or other sources (such as private charities). They believe instead that they should rely on self-help groups such as retirement homes rather than relying on state welfare programs like those offered by Social Security Administration (SSA) or Medicare/Medicaid coverage

In Japan, there has been a push to promote healthy aging and they’re planning to tax unhealthy lifestyles.

In Japan, there has been a push to promote healthy aging and they’re planning to tax unhealthy lifestyles.

Japan has a very low birth rate and the government is trying to increase it by offering incentives for families. They also want children who are born in Japan to spend more time with their grandparents than parents so that they can learn about family values from older generations. This might work; however, it could also backfire if young people don’t want any part of this plan at all!

It’s important for you as an adult who lives in Japan but wants your own child or grandchildren here someday – because we know how hard it is right now when you have no choice but feel trapped by what others expect from us – think carefully before making any decisions based solely on what happens outside our borders because we may end up regretting them later down the road when things get harder than expected.”

South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in terms of research on gerontology.

South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in terms of research on gerontology. With a high life expectancy at birth, South Korea has a lot of interest in aging and its impact on society. They have invested heavily in research on this topic and are currently home to some of the world’s best minds working on these issues.

The government has also made it clear that it will not allow any business to profit from aging or death; thus companies must find other ways to make money as they age if they want to stay competitive

In the United States we have really strong notions about what aging means, but the reality is this movement toward healthy longevity has started slowly in our country.

As a result, the United States has a long history of looking at aging as a negative. The lack of public health care in our country means that many people can’t afford to pay for their own healthcare and so they don’t get preventive care. This can lead to chronic conditions like diabetes, which are more likely when you’re older.

It’s also true that we are behind other countries in terms of research on gerontology: we have less money invested into finding ways to keep people healthy as they age than some other nations do.

While there’s no single right way to do it, countries across the world are coming up with their own solutions to the problem of aging well

While there’s no single right way to do it, countries across the world are coming up with their own solutions to the problem of aging well. Here are some examples:

  • The United Kingdom has a program called “Happy Aging” that helps older people stay active and healthy by providing them with equipment and opportunities for physical activity.
  • Germany’s Funeral Care Act allows families to choose how cremation should happen after death—whether via traditional burials or cremation (which is generally thought of as more environmentally friendly).

The U.S., meanwhile, has seen an increase in adult diapers sales since 2010; this is likely due at least partly because one percent more Americans over 65 have Alzheimer’s disease each year than before, according to data from Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2016 conference held last month in Paris France which was attended by over 8 000 delegates representing 90 countries around globe including India where there were 797 delegates present representing 43 countries including Bhutan whose official language spoken natively is bhutia which means “mute silence” but fluency among speakers can vary depending on dialectical differences between different regions within country or even within city itself so if you don’t speak your native tongue well enough yet then maybe just stick with English speaking person who understands what they’re saying instead?


In the end, we see that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to aging well. Whether you’re from China or the United States, you can apply the same principles of growing older well: eat well, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. While there’s no single right way to do it, countries across the world are coming up with their own solutions to the problem of aging well

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