Operating SystemsHomework

CS 410 Operating SystemsHomework 02

Review Questions (7 pts/ea)2.1 What are three objectives of an OS design?2.2 What is the kernel of an OS?2.3 What is multiprogramming?2.4 What is a process?2.5 How is the execution context of a process used by the OS?2.6 List and briefly explain five storage management responsibilities of a typical OS.2.7 Explain the distinction between a real address and a virtual address.2.8 Describe the round-robin scheduling technique.2.9 Explain the difference between a monolithic kernel and a microkernel.2.10 What is multithreading?2.11 List the key design issues for an SMP operating system.

Problems: (8 pts the first two, 7 points the last one)2.2 An I/O-bound program is one that, if run alone, would spend more time waiting forI/O than using the processor. A processor-bound program is the opposite. Suppose ashort-term scheduling algorithm favors those programs that have used little processortime in the recent past. Explain why this algorithm favors I/O-bound programs andyet does not permanently deny processor time to processor-bound programs.

2.3 Contrast the scheduling policies you might use when trying to optimize a time-sharingsystem with those you would use to optimize a multiprogrammed batch system.

2.4 What is the purpose of system calls, and how do system calls relate to the OS and tothe concept of dual-mode (kernel-mode and user-mode) operation?

SUBMISSIONSubmit a DOCX or PDF document through Western Online with the answers to the questions orproblems typing the corresponding numbers and questions (or at least the numbers) in boldand in the proper order before your answers.Use a different font color for the numbers and questions (or at least for the numbers), than thecolor used for your answers.


What are three objectives of an OS design?2.2 What is the kernel of an OS?2.3 What is multiprogramming?


An operating system (OS) is the part of a computer that manages everything that happens on it. An OS allows programs to be loaded, run and closed down. It also controls hardware devices such as keyboards, monitors and disk drives.

What is the kernel of an OS?

The kernel of an operating system is the core of your computer’s operating system. It’s what makes it run and it’s responsible for allocating resources, managing memory, and controlling interrupts. If a program crashes or hangs due to an error in its operation, the crash will usually not occur until after it has interacted with the kernel code.

What is multiprogramming?

Multiprogramming is the ability to run multiple programs at the same time. It’s a key feature of OS design, because it allows for more efficient use of system resources and better performance in user applications.

The kernel (the core) is responsible for managing all hardware resources and processing tasks within an operating system. The kernel also determines which tasks get assigned to which processors (CPUs). The main function of this subsystem is ensuring that each thread runs on its own unique core–that is, thread A can only use one CPU at a time; if two threads try to execute simultaneously on their respective cores, then one will be suspended until both have finished executing their tasks before continuing with theirs.[1]

Three objectives of an OS design

The kernel is the core of an operating system. It handles all of the scheduling and resource management, as well as any other low-level functions that need to be performed in order for your program to run. The kernel can also handle interrupt handling, file operations (like opening and closing files), memory management (such as caching), interprocess communication (IPC) between processes running on different processors or machines, etc.

The multiprogramming objective is concerned with how a single processor can execute several tasks simultaneously while still keeping them responsive enough so that they don’t interfere with each other’s execution time or resources usage too much. There are two main approaches: preemptive multitasking where one task may be stopped at any time by another even if it hasn’t finished its current task yet; cooperative multitasking where each task keeps track about what other tasks are currently running so that when one needs more resources than available on this particular machine its priority level will cause it not get interrupted by any other pending ones until it has finished everything needed by all running processes before returning control back over again to user mode where new programs have been started up again instead


In conclusion, the kernel and multiprogramming are two important aspects of an OS design. The kernel is the core of an operating system that provides the foundation for all other functions. The multiprogramming aspect allows multiple processes to run simultaneously on a machine. With these three objectives in mind, we can now move forward with designing a new OS that will meet our needs!

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