Quantum Mechanics

Deliverable 6 – Quantum Mechanics Research Paper

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Outline the major features of quantum mechanics and how they are applied to various fields.

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In a two-page paper, research three examples of technologies that use quantum mechanics. Explain, in your own words, how these applications impact society. If you or someone you know has ever had an MRI scan for a medical diagnosis, you have experienced the result of quantum physics for measuring bodily structures. Finally, provide another specific example from your own life that could be influenced by these applications.

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Quantum Mechanics


Quantum mechanics is a very weird, but very important part of physics that we can’t fully understand yet. So what exactly is quantum mechanics? And what does it have to do with our world? In this article I’ll explain everything about this strange subject — from how it works to why it’s so hard for us to understand.

What is quantum mechanics?

Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that deals with the behavior of matter and light on the atomic and subatomic level. It describes how atoms, electrons, photons, and other particles behave. Scientists use quantum mechanics to explain chemical reactions and nuclear reactions.

Quantum mechanics was developed in the early 20th century by physicists Albert Einstein and Max Planck when they realized that thermodynamics could not explain all aspects of atomic structure (i.e., why some materials were hot while others were cold).

The uncertainty principle

The uncertainty principle is a property of quantum mechanics that says you can’t know both the position and momentum of a particle. It was discovered by Werner Heisenberg in 1927 and has been shown to be true in every experiment ever conducted (except one).

The principle is best explained with an example: imagine you’re trying to measure where an object is located at all times, but at the same time, you want to know its velocity. In order for your measurement to be accurate, there must be some uncertainty in how far away it is—and this leads us back into our description of quantum mechanics!

Einstein’s famous equation

Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc^2, has been a central part of physics for over 80 years. It is an extremely important equation in quantum mechanics and was originally proposed by Albert Einstein in 1905. The equation tells us that mass (m) and energy (E) are related:

  • m=E/c^2
  • c = speed of light

Quantum entanglement and quantum teleportation

In quantum mechanics, entangled particles can be connected in a way that makes it impossible for them to act independently of each other. Entangled particles are said to be correlated. For example, two photons (particles of light) could be entangled so they always have the same polarization—that is, they always have the same orientation. If one photon changes its polarization its partner will also change its polarization; if you measure these two photons’ polarizations together then their behavior is perfectly correlated: no matter what happens with either one individually or both together your result will always be correct! This phenomenon is called “quantum entanglement.”

In addition to being able to detect single photons using detectors like photodetectors and optical detectors, quantum computers can also make use of this phenomenon by building up entangled states between many pairs or groups of atoms in order to perform calculations at superfast speeds compared with traditional electronic computer processors today! The way this works is simple: instead of looking at just 1 input bit per operation cycle time frame like most processors do now (think Intel Pentium Pro), quantum computers will process information through all possible combinations simultaneously allowing them access faster access times than any classical processor ever made before!

Quantum mechanics is a very weird, but very important part of physics that we can’t fully understand yet.

Quantum mechanics is a very weird, but very important part of physics that we can’t fully understand yet.

Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that describes the behavior of matter and energy on the atomic scale. It’s all about the measurement process: what happens when you look at something? Do you see it as an object or as just a wave? How do these things affect each other? Why do they interact so differently than classical mechanics predicts them to? These questions have been around since Niels Bohr first proposed them in 1913, but not every answer has been found yet!


The quantum world is mysterious and strange, but it’s also important. Quantum mechanics (QM) is a branch of physics that describes how matter behaves at the atomic level. It was developed by Max Planck and Niels Bohr in the early 20th century, and it revolutionized our understanding of nature by showing that matter can behave like waves instead of particles.

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