Who or what is a winner of globilzation?

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· Two comments:

· Who or what is a winner of globilzation?

· Who or what is a loser of globilization?

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· One response to another comment made by a classmate.

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Joshua Cline 

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The true winners of globalization are higher ups at large companies. These large companies, such as Amazon or Alibaba, have been able to leverage their economies of scale and drive out competition. They’ve made it so hard to enter the marketplace that they in turn continue to report large earnings year over year. The heads of those companies have reaped the benefits of those large earnings with exuberant salaries and incentives. There are other winners such as former third world countries who have been able to develop due to the influx of cash from outsourcing operations but their wins are no where near the scale of the higher ups. Access to electricity and basic necessities, in my opinion, is a basic human right and globalization has provided access to those which makes it hard to say they aren’t winners. Unfortunately, with globalization there are losers. The blue-collar workers had been beat up over the years due to outsourcing and automatization. They’ve seen their wages remain stagnant and jobs disappear. Often, blue collar workers have had to form unions in order to protect themselves from falling further down the elephant scale.

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Who or what is a winner of globilzation?


Globilzation is a process that we can all be part of if we want to. It’s a way of seeing things that allows us to see new possibilities and possibilities for others. Globilzation helps us make better choices, get along with others better, and it even helps us succeed in life more often than not!

The winner of globilzation is the human race.

The winner of globilzation is the human race. The reason for this is because it’s the only species that can make a difference in the world. Human beings are unique in their ability to change, and they do so through their actions and beliefs. They have power over nature, but they can also use that power for good or bad purposes (see: global warming).

The human race has been around for millions of years now, but we have only been able to truly understand our place in nature over the past few hundred years due to advancements made by scientists such as Albert Einstein who discovered new ways of thinking about things like gravity or quantum physics.

People who are losers are those who are un-empathetic, selfish, and self-destructive.

People who are losers are those who are un-empathetic, selfish and self-destructive.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. This can mean understanding their pain, but it could also mean that you feel it with them and share their joys or successes with them as well because they have been there before.

Selfishness is the opposite of empathy; it’s when someone only cares about themselves and not about others at all! They don’t want anyone else’s input into their lives or opinions on anything (unless it comes from a certain place). This means that if you ask a person with this personality type what they think about something then they’ll tell you how much better off everyone else would be if only we did things differently instead of following our own beliefs…and guess what? That isn’t true at all! The truth is always out there for anyone willing to look past whatever facade has been created by society today which leads us down paths where no one benefits except maybe himself/herself.”

So, who are winners? They are those who see the bigger picture, understand how to get along with others, and help other people to succeed. They learn how to stay focused on their goals and make wise decisions.

So, who are winners? They are those who see the bigger picture, understand how to get along with others, and help other people to succeed. They learn how to stay focused on their goals and make wise decisions.

The human race is the winner!

People who are losers are those who are un-empathetic, selfish, and self-destructive. In other words: they don’t care about others or the environment (they would rather pollute it).

So what do you think? Who wins in this global race?

Globilzation is a process that we can all be part of if we want to.

Globilzation is a process that we can all be part of if we want to. It’s a way of thinking and being, one that will help you make a difference in the world and learn how to stay focused on your goals and make wise decisions. Of course, there are many ways for people from around the globe to contribute their unique talents and skills toward making their communities better places for everyone living within them—but this isn’t just about doing good deeds for others; it’s also about caring enough about them so that they feel cared-for themselves!

In order for globilization efforts like these (and many others) across different corners of our planet’s ecosystems


In conclusion, globilzation is a process that we can all be part of if we want to. It requires us to think outside the box and recognize our interdependence on each other. The winner of globilzation will be those who learn how to get along with others, help others succeed, and are able to see the big picture.

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