Should the United States Adopt National Health Insurance?

Should the United States Adopt National Health Insurance? Should the United States implement a comprehensive national health insurance plan like Canadas or the United Kingdoms, where the government pays for health care for all of its citizens?


The United States has a long history of providing health care for its citizens, but that doesn’t mean it needs to continue with the same system forever. There are several reasons why we should consider implementing a national health insurance plan like Canadas or the United Kingdom’s programs:

Why should the United States adopt national health insurance?

The United States has the highest per capita health care costs in the world, and it’s getting worse. In fact, Americans are paying more for health care than ever before—and they’re paying more even when you consider that we spend far less on medical supplies and equipment than other countries do.

Our current system is unsustainable because it relies on insurance companies making profits by charging high premiums and denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions or who need expensive treatments (such as cancer). There’s no reason why this kind of system should exist in a democratic country where everyone should have access to quality care!

Americans should not have to worry about whether their children will get sick or about how much money they’ll need if something happens during their lifetime; instead we should all feel secure knowing that if something goes wrong there will be someone looking out for us financially through our lifetimes until death takes us away from this earth—and hopefully beyond it too someday soon.”

What would be the benefits of implementing national health insurance?

The United States has a very high health care costs. In fact, it is the most expensive country in the world to provide health care services. The United States spends more than $2 trillion every year on medical expenses for its citizens and that does not include the cost of prescription drugs or other forms of treatment.

The benefits of implementing national health insurance are many:

  • All citizens would be covered by their government so they don’t have to worry about being sick or injured while they are at work or school; this means no more sick days! It also means no more expensive premiums because your employer pays those bills instead!
  • Copays and deductibles would go away because there is no financial burden associated with getting care when needed; instead we can focus on how much money we want our doctor/hospital/other provider’s office staff(s) charged per visit instead (and hopefully less than $10 per visit).

How would a national health insurance program be funded?

There are several ways to fund a national health insurance program. The most obvious is through taxes, but this can be difficult if your citizens do not support the idea of paying for something that isn’t directly related to their daily lives. Another option would be using private donations, which could be used as funding for the government or used by individuals directly through their own insurance companies. Finally, you could go with either government funding (with some kind of matching system) or private insurance companies offering plans with benefits similar to those currently available under Medicare and Medicaid.*

A few countries have already implemented these kinds of programs: Switzerland has paid into both its social security system and private health care systems since 1884; Australia has had universal health coverage since 1984; and New Zealand established its public healthcare system in 1947—all three countries have benefited greatly from having multiple sources of revenue available on top of each other so that everyone gets what they need at no extra cost.*

What are the drawbacks to national health insurance in the United States?

  • Cost: The cost of national health insurance would be high, as it would require the federal government to raise taxes or cut other programs. If a plan is too expensive for the government to fund, then it may have trouble getting through Congress and could wind up being rejected by voters.
  • Loss of private insurance plans: Some people may lose their current private health insurance if they have preexisting conditions that prevent them from getting coverage under a national health insurance plan. If this happens, these individuals will need to find another way around paying for medical care—either through crowdfunding or personal savings—or else rely on charity services when they are sick (which could result in long waiting times).
  • Cutting costs: In order for governments around the world to implement such plans successfully, they must do so with an eye towards cutting costs while still providing quality care at reasonable prices; however, this often means cutting back on services like mental health treatment or dental care before focusing on more pressing matters such as emergency room visits after car accidents occur where someone has been injured badly enough that he/she needs immediate attention but cannot afford surgery immediately due either because there isn’t enough money left over after paying off bills yet again from earlier months or years ago when premiums went up significantly higher than usual levels during volatile market conditions caused by market fluctuations caused by international events impacting U$ markets globally which result

The benefits of such an approach are well-documented. A study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that if every state had adopted universal coverage as provided by similar programs in other countries, it would have saved $732 billion over current levels of spending on health care. It also showed that people with insurance coverage live longer and are less likely to be admitted into hospitals due to avoidable complications from chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

Universal coverage also improves access to care; when patients get more information about their conditions and how best to manage them, they’re able to make better choices about treatment options—which lowers costs overall because fewer unnecessary tests will be ordered (and thus fewer surgical procedures performed). It’s important not lose sight here though: unlike private insurance which has limited network options available at any given time (because everyone is covered by one provider), public plans often require patients visiting different doctors within their network depending upon where they live.”

The United States should consider implementing a comprehensive plan similar to Canadas or the United Kingdom’s national health insurance programs.

Canada and the United Kingdom have a national health care system in which the government pays for all health care for their citizens. The Canadian plan, called Medicare, is available to anyone who has lived in Canada for at least one year as of age 65. In comparison, the United Kingdom’s NHS covers everyone from birth until death (visit [this page]( for more information).

The Canadian system is more comprehensive than ours in that it includes prescription drugs; however it does not cover dental care or eyeglasses (unless you have private insurance). The UK government also covers eye surgery but not glasses or contact lenses (visit [this page]( settlements/vision services)for more information).


In conclusion, the United States should consider implementing a comprehensive plan similar to Canadas or the United Kingdom’s national health insurance programs. These programs have proven themselves time and time again in providing coverage for those who need it most, while also saving taxpayers money by reducing future need for costly emergency room visits and hospital stays.


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