argument for the existence of God while anticipating possible objections.

Apologetics Field-Based Activity: The Existence of God Template

Do not change any aspect of this template; and do not delete anything from this template except for the arguments you are not using (see 1a). Instead, just type your content in the spaces provided, below. Before typing your content, you should review the entire document to be sure you understand what is required.

Type your name here: Edward Miguel Faulk

Instructions for this submission

The purpose of the activity is to provide you with an opportunity to construct a short argument for the existence of God while anticipating possible objections to that argument and then sharing that argument “in the field.” In the sections provided below, you will insert your constructed argument and possible objections; you will enter the date, time, setting, and short description of the person with whom you share the argument; and a short reflection on the sharing experience.

1. Construct a short argument for the existence of God while anticipating possible objections.

a. Type below the list, the type of argument for the existence of God that you will be constructing; delete the arguments you are not using in order to avoid possible confusion (limit yourself to one of the arguments below):

Kalam cosmological argument (Gould, p. 38-41; Sweis, p. 81-93)

Teleological arguments (several variations; limit yourself to one)

Three variations on the Cosmic Fine-Tuning Argument (Gould, p. 41-42; Sweis, p. 99-105; Sweis, p. 106-122)

Classical Design Argument – Paley’s (Sweis, p. 96-98)

Moral argument (Gould, p. 42-45; Sweis, p. 171-190)

Argument from reason (Gould, p. 45-47)

Ontological argument (Gould, p. 47-49)

Classical – Anselm’s (Sweis, p. 123-124)

Modal – Plantinga’s (Sweis, p. 125-138)

Classical cosmological argument (Sweis, p. 79-80)

Argument from sufficient reason [cosmological] (Sweis, p. 94-95)

Transcendental (Sweis, p. 139-167)

Pascal’s Wager (Sweis, p. 168-170)

Experiencing God (Sweis, p. 191-195)

Perceiving God (Sweis, p. 196-202)

The Argument from the Mind (Sweis, p. 394-411)

b. Lay out your argument as you plan to use it in the conversation you will be having.

c. Anticipate two to three possible objections to your argument and how you would address those objections in a short conversation.

2. Sharing your argument for the existence of God.

a. Identify the time and place in which you had the conversation.

b. Identify the setting (coffeeshop, online, text, etc. It must, however, be a conversation and not a monologue):

c. Identify your conversation partner (no names please): unbeliever, believer; uncertain; knowledge level, attitude of partner (antagonistic, interested, doubtful, devil’s advocate).

3. Reflection in which you describe how the conversation went, the reaction of your conversation partner both during and after the presentation of the argument, what you might have done differently, and how you feel after presentation about the strength of the argument.

a. Describe details about how the conversation went.

b. Describe the reaction of your conversation partner both during and after the presentation of the argument.

c. Describe what you might have done differently.

d. Describe what you feel after the presentation about the strength of the argument.



Construct a short argument for the existence of God while anticipating possible objections.


In this essay, I will construct a short argument for the existence of God that anticipates possible objections and responds to them.

Consider the alternative.

The best way to start an argument is by considering the alternative. Consideration of alternatives can help you focus your argument and anticipate any objections that may arise. The more you consider what other people might say, the more persuasive you’ll be when addressing them.

Consider this example: “The existence of God is a hypothesis; therefore, it can’t be proven.” This statement assumes that if something is possible (or even more likely), then it must exist in some form or another—so there will always be some kind of evidence for God’s existence. But since this statement doesn’t provide any such evidence itself, it actually reduces the likelihood that there are any real reasons behind believing in God at all!

Consider the evidence.

The evidence for God’s existence is not limited to the Bible, but can be seen in the natural world, moral world and spiritual world.

One way to look for evidence is through logic. If you were to consider all of God’s attributes (like love, faithfulness and generosity), then logically it would follow that he must exist since these are all qualities he possesses as well. In addition to this we have many other teachings throughout history including those found within scripture itself which confirm this truth: “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). This means nothing new will ever occur or change except when it does so due to some form of evolution or natural progression over time; however there has never been anything like evolution happening here on earth because there was no original sin committed by Adam & Eve before they ate from “The Tree Of Knowledge” (Genesis 2:17). Therefore if we accept these biblical teachings then our minds must also conclude that God exists because there aren’t any scientific explanations available at present which can explain how everything came about without supernatural intervention.”

Respond to objections.

In order to respond to objections, you must be respectful of others’ beliefs and not dismiss them. You should avoid being dismissive of the questioner’s beliefs, even if they are wrong or illogical. Rather than arguing that your position is more logical or more reasonable than theirs (which can sound condescending), focus on how their belief makes sense within its own framework—and then explain why yours does not make sense within its own framework.

construct an argument for the existence of God a short one that is directed to possible objections

The best way to do this is by constructing an argument for the existence of God from the evidence. This can be done in two ways:

  • A syllogism, which is a logical form consisting of three parts (the major premise, the minor premise and the conclusion).
  • An induction argument, which consists of two premises (one being an observation) followed by one conclusion based on that observation.


The best way to make your case for God’s existence is to create a short argument. A short argument can be directed toward objections and use the evidence as support. To anticipate possible objections, think about what kind of arguments are commonly made against it and how those arguments could be countered.

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