Developing a Global Network

Unit 5 Assignment: Developing a Global Network

You will focus on building a global supply network. While the advantages are numerous to using suppliers from all over the world, additional challenges arise due to differences in various countries. The culture element is a critical factor in the formation of a successful global supply network.

In this assignment, you will research articles to learn what potential disasters await due to cultural issues and analyze methods for dealing with these potential disasters.

This assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following Outcomes:

Analyze methods for developing a global network.

GEL-4.03: Understand patterns of human behavior based upon real world observation.


Address the following in your paper:

1. People in different countries or cultures display different patterns of behavior. In order to be successful in creating a global network, companies must be able to observe and understand these patterns, then adjust to them. Research news articles and provide one example where a specific pattern of behavior has created significant difficulty for a company using suppliers from another country. Clearly state what the cultural issue was, how it was observed (or should have been observed) and to what difficulties it has led.

2. Exhibit 10.10 in your book discusses “Factors Driving Successful Global Sourcing Programs.” Would any of these factors have helped prevent the issue from becoming a problem? If yes, explain how. If not, recommend a method that a company can use to ensure this issue does not result in a problem in the future.

3. One way to avoid problems with suppliers is to develop them through a long-term relationship. This is not always possible, however. “Barriers to supplier development” are described starting on page 343. Analyze the barriers listed and explain which one may have been the most relevant one in this case. What could have been done to remove this barrier?

Respond using the critical elements below:

· Compose your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style, and mechanics.

· Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, following the prescribed format and citing your resources using the current APA formatting guidelines.

· Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated.

· Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another.

· Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.


Developing a Global Network


If you’re like me, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the world as a whole. Sure, there are some global issues that affect us all directly, but even then it can be hard to get a sense of how our individual lives fit into the bigger picture. But think about it: what if I told you that almost everything about your life is connected and interrelated? What if I said that each one of us has an impact on others and vice versa? Wouldn’t that change things? As it turns out, it does! Think about all the ways in which your daily activities connect to those over seas – from how we shop online from home or travel abroad for work to how we play with our kids at their daycare centers abroad…

Be open to new experiences and people.

  • Be open to new experiences and people.

If you are going to grow your business, it is important that you be open-minded and willing to take on new projects. This is especially true if you have a narrow focus on one particular market or industry. In order for globalization efforts to be successful, everyone involved must work hard at being receptive and accepting of what’s coming their way from all sides—not just the traditional corporations or multinationals who are already doing well in their home markets but also those small businesses who may have been left behind by globalization trends (yesterday’s “industry leader” companies).

Be an interesting person to talk to.

You can be an interesting person to talk to by:

  • Being interested in others. Ask questions about their lives, listen more than you speak, and don’t be afraid to share your own personal experiences.
  • Listening more than you speak. It’s not just about being a good listener—it’s also about actively seeking out new information that might surprise or inform you. And if someone asks a question that doesn’t interest you at first glance, ask them what they were hoping would happen next!

Make a real impression during the first few minutes of conversation.

  • Be friendly and welcoming.
  • Ask questions about the other person.
  • Be interested in what they have to say.
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself, your interests and work.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s important to learn as much as you can, but also consider learning how things work in your host country. If you want to know why the people eat what they eat, or what the weather is like today, don’t hesitate! You’ll be more comfortable when interacting with locals and understanding their customs.
  • Be open-minded about learning both languages (if applicable). Learning another language will have an impact on your ability to communicate and get along with others—but it may also give greater insights into other cultures.

Try new foods, drinks or music.

  • Try new foods, drinks or music.
  • Being open to trying new things is a great way to learn about a culture and if you’re not sure where to start, it’s best to ask someone who has more experience than you do (this could be someone from your host family or an elder). They’ll usually be able to point you in the right direction!

Listen more than you speak, especially when speaking English or French.

You are an important part of your company’s growth, and as such you need to be listening more than you speak. This is especially true when speaking English or French. It will help you build relationships, not only with those in the office but also with those outside of it; this means that they can trust you and know what they can expect from your work ethic and personality.

Listen more than you speak!

Be a good listener – really listen!

Be a good listener – really listen!

It is not just about what you say, but what you hear. The most important thing in business is listening, because listening is a skill that can be developed and improved upon over time. It involves more than just hearing words; it also involves understanding them and processing them in your mind so that they become part of you and don’t simply pass through without being absorbed into who we are as human beings (our minds).

One way that we can develop this skill is by asking questions during conversations with others: “What did I miss?” “How did that make sense?” “Didn’t understand.” These types of questions keep us engaged while still allowing us to listen actively – they help us focus on the person talking instead of trying too hard to figure out our own responses or thoughts on an issue at hand. This helps prevent misunderstandings between parties involved in an exchange where there may be differences between how things were said before versus afterwards due solely due misunderstanding rather than willful intent by any party involved!

Having a network of people around the world can help you learn about new cultures and make friends in surprising places

Having a network of people around the world can help you learn about new cultures and make friends in surprising places. By talking to others, you’ll be able to experience different parts of the world firsthand—and learn more about yourself as well. Here are some ways that having a global network could benefit your life:

  • You’ll have access to diverse perspectives on topics like art, travel, history and politics.
  • You’ll have access to knowledge that’s not otherwise available online or through traditional media sources (like news). This can open up new opportunities for career advancement or personal growth.
  • Your friends may live in different countries than yourself; having this type of connection allows them share their experiences with each other even if they’re unable to visit one another physically due to distance or other reasons.*


We believe that there is no better way to learn about new cultures, people and places than through travel. If you want to be able to talk easily in various languages, then traveling will help you do so. If not for this reason alone, it’s always good practice for anyone who wants to travel or work overseas because it teaches them firsthand about different cultures around the world

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