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What is the exclusionary rule and what are the major objectives of the rule? Is the exclusionary rule expressly provided in the US Constitution? Offer detailed argument both for and against the exclusionary rule. Which one of the two positions helps decrease crime and why? DOES THE EXCLUSIONARY RULE DETER POLICE MISCONDUCT?




The exclusionary rule is a legal doctrine that allows people to sue for damages when prosecutors fail to disclose evidence in their possession. This can happen when police officers arrest someone on the basis of an illegal search or seizure, even if they didn’t know they were doing anything wrong at the time. The reason this happens is because once you’ve been arrested, you have limited control over your personal belongings until you’re released from custody (at which point your possessions are returned). So if police officers confiscate items during an investigation but don’t tell anyone about it until after your trial starts—and then lose “key” evidence due to lost paperwork—you could still win damages against them as long as there was some sort of malicious intent on their part!

EXCLUSIONARY RULE: What it is, and how it works

The exclusionary rule is a legal principle that requires officers to disregard evidence obtained pursuant to an illegal search or seizure. In other words, if you have been convicted of a crime and your conviction was based on illegally obtained evidence, then your case will not be overturned on appeal because of the use of this type of evidence.

The exclusionary rule applies only in criminal cases and does not apply in civil law cases where there has been no right violated (such as when someone loses their job). However, it can still apply even if there is no violation under civil law; that being said, courts don’t like applying this rule too often because they think it leads judges down a rabbit hole where they’ll end up ruling against drug dealers who sell drugs just because police found them with some cocaine residue on their hands after pulling them over for speeding!


In some cases, the exclusionary rule is applied to police misconduct cases.

The exclusionary rule is a legal doctrine that prohibits police officers from using evidence obtained in an unconstitutional manner. It applies only when the evidence was obtained through illegal means (i.e., without reasonable suspicion or probable cause).

While most courts have upheld the application of this doctrine in other areas, they have questioned its applicability in cases involving racial discrimination by law enforcement officials.

In Ferguson v. City of Ferguson (2014), for example, Missouri v City of St Louis Police Department et al v Hands Up United Coalition et al (2017) found that there were no grounds for applying this doctrine because there was no evidence that any officer acted with malice toward African American residents during their arrests; rather than being treated differently based on their skin color or ethnicity, all citizens were treated equally under our laws regardless of where they lived within our borders.”

The Exclusionary Rule Is Not Always Implemented Properly

The exclusionary rule is not always applied properly.

In many cases, officers do not follow the rules when it comes to enforcing the exclusionary rule. They may forget or ignore basic procedures in their search for evidence. In addition, some officers are less likely than others to think about whether or not they need a warrant before conducting an illegal search and seizure of evidence—and thus may be more likely simply to do so without bothering with proper procedures.

The exclusionary rule also has been applied incorrectly at times: sometimes too broadly and sometimes too narrowly. So while this policy is important because it serves as protection against police misconduct (and helps ensure that justice prevails), there are still some instances where this protection has been compromised by judges who do not properly apply its principles; unfortunately these types of mistakes happen far more often than they should!

The exclusionary rule affects police misconduct cases.

The exclusionary rule is a common law rule that says evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment cannot be used in court. It’s not always applied properly and can be used to prevent police misconduct.

The exclusionary rule is based on the idea that “the fruits” of an illegal search should never be admitted into evidence against a defendant who was not involved in its execution.


The exclusionary rule is a powerful tool in the hands of law enforcement. It can be used to prevent police misconduct, and it has been used that way many times over the years. But there are some very important caveats you should keep in mind. First of all, there are some situations where an officer was not actually engaged in misconduct when he or she made the decision to arrest someone based on race or ethnicity, but rather based on other factors like appearance alone (or because they thought someone looked suspicious). This can happen even if there were no other possible explanations for why a person was stopped by police (like if they had outstanding warrants), because it’s possible that officers just chose someone at random as a target for arrests even though their behavior doesn’t match up with what we would consider illegal conduct. Second, experts say that when this happens it’s more likely officers will try to find ways around using any information about racial background during investigations; instead they might try looking into other factors like marital status

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