What qualities make a future issue a “trigger”?

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What qualities make a future issue a “trigger”? Our textbook states that the qualities that make a future issue a trigger should be external, specific, and quantitative (Abraham, 2012). When all three qualities are present, it would be in the organization’s best interest to introduce a contingency plan. A trigger is any external, quantitative variable that can affect a decision the organization has to make daily. Quantitative measures are something to keep in mind because they keep standards specific and ensure that action is taken at any time. Post a summary of your selected company and the risks you perceive based on your prior Environmental Scan and SWOT analysis. The organization that I conducted an environmental scan and SWOT analysis was ExxonMobil. Exxon is one of the world’s most significant oils and natural gas refiners, with operations in over 14 countries and a distillation capacity of 136,000 barrels per day. With over 135 years of experience, its brand value ranks in the top 100 in Brand Finance with a brand value of $19 billion. The SWOT analysis I performed on Exxon reveals that a potential trigger would be the considerable competition that has led to a significant revenue fall. ExxonMobil’s competitors also lead the way in more advanced technology, which they have invested heavily to provide innovative new products. Environmental regulations have become more stringent. It becomes challenging for Exxon regarding global warming, greenhouse gases, water usage, etc.

Exxon invested in new projects that will bring more recent products using the latest advanced technology but is projected to wait to launch new products for years. State the three-sentence trigger/contingency pair and justify your choice of contingency plan—external cause of trigger-Huge competition which has caused a fall in revenue. Quantitative trigger-Environment regulations have become more stringent. Contingency trigger-World economy has posed several challenges, causing a considerable decline in oil imports, and threatening their profits. In summary, ExxonMobil can utilize these strategies to adventure into new opportunities in the rising demand for energy at its peak, and expected to keep rising shortly. The need for other energy sources in the future will involve a massive percentage of renewable sources. Exxon must understand this change and prepare accordingly, with 40% of the growth in energy demand will be met by new energy sources. Exxon needs to invest in a unique technology to beat the competition.


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What qualities make a future issue a “trigger”?


A “future issue” is an event that has the potential to trigger a crisis or other major change in your life. For example, if you’re planning to buy a house next month and have just found out that your job might disappear by then, this could be considered a future issue because it would have an impact on your day-to-day life.

In this article I’ll describe three qualities that make something a candidate for being considered as a future issue: it’s important enough; it’s likely to happen soon enough; and it has the potential to cause significant disruption in your life. These qualities are not always required by law but they can help determine whether something qualifies as such.

A future issue can be a “trigger” if it has three qualities.

A future issue can be a “trigger” if it has three qualities.

First, the near-future event must be sufficiently important and compelling. This means that you’re likely to experience some kind of emotional response when confronted with it—you might feel fear or dread, for example—and that the effects will last longer than simply reading about them in an article at home on your phone screen. Second, this future event needs to have an impact on your life or those around you; otherwise there would have been no reason for us to include this story as part of our material here at [company name].

The first quality is that the near-future event is sufficiently important and compelling.

The first quality is that the near-future event is sufficiently important and compelling.

How do you know if it’s a “trigger”? If I tell you that there’s going to be an asteroid hitting Earth in my lifetime, what would it mean for me? Would I have any time left to prepare for it? Or does this seem more like something that will happen far in the future, when we’re old and gray with wrinkles around our eyes—and maybe even dead by then!

The second quality is that this future event is likely to have an impact on your life or those around you.

The second quality is that this future event is likely to have an impact on your life or those around you. This can be a very difficult thing to determine, but if you ask yourself if the issue is something that you care about, it should be relatively easy for you to answer. If not, then it’s unlikely that the issue will trigger any action from within yourself or others.

The third quality is that the event is likely to occur soon enough to have a significant impact on your day-to-day life.

The third quality is that the event is likely to occur soon enough to have a significant impact on your day-to-day life.

The first two qualities are important, but they don’t necessarily mean an issue will be “a trigger.” For example, if you get up at 7 AM every day and go through your morning routine before heading out for work at 8 AM, then it would make sense for you to feel stressed out about getting behind schedule when your boss calls you into his office after work. But this stress does not qualify as a trigger because it doesn’t meet our criteria for being a future issue: What happens next? What happens within the next few hours or days (or maybe weeks)?

A future issue can be a “trigger” if it has three qualities

A future issue can be a “trigger” if it has three qualities:

  • The first quality is that the near-future event is sufficiently important and compelling. For instance, imagine an upcoming election in which your favored candidate loses by a narrow margin. This might provoke thoughts about whether or not you should vote this time around—though perhaps not immediately afterward (since we’re talking about an election). If this scenario were played out in real life instead of just being imagined, then maybe it would feel like something really significant happened to me personally and I would need to take some time away from my day-to-day life so as not to influence my decisions too much by what goes on at work or among friends who might be doing similar things at other times during their lives! This is why certain types of triggers tend toward personal rather than societal ones: because they involve ourselves more directly than others do; whereas those involving society generally tend toward impersonal effects such as feeling unsafe walking down streets at night due threats from nearby gangs armed with guns illegally purchased from drug dealers who sell drugs illegally sold through mail ordering services provided by websites run by corrupt governments who refuse taxes while funneling money into secret bank accounts owned solely by themselves…


So, to recap: any future issue can become a trigger if it has these three qualities. The first is that the event is sufficiently important and compelling; the second is that it’s likely to have an impact on your life or those around you; and lastly, it must be happening soon enough so that you can experience its effects in real-time.

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