Explain the circumstances when a quasi-experimental design would be preferable to a between-subjects design, but also discuss why an explanatory research method is superior to a predictive method.

5-2 (150 words and 1 reference)

Explain the circumstances when a quasi-experimental design would be preferable to a between-subjects design, but also discuss why an explanatory research method is superior to a predictive method.


Explain the circumstances when a quasi-experimental design would be preferable to a between-subjects design, but also discuss why an explanatory research method is superior to a predictive method.


Quasi-experimental designs are a type of research method that mimics the conditions of real-world experiments. They require that researchers observe subjects as they perform tasks or take part in other activities, then measure their performance and compare it with what would happen if those same subjects had been randomly assigned to different treatment groups instead of being observed individually in their natural state. Quasi-experiments are more useful than between-subjects designs because they can be more easily justified scientifically, while between-subjects designs typically have fewer controls and less robustness built into them than explanation methods like experimenter inference or ethnographic observation

Background and Literature Review

The goal of this section is to review the relevant literature and provide an overview of the background of your research problem. This will help you frame your introduction, explain why it is important to solve this problem, and describe how you plan to go about doing so.

You should also include a brief discussion of some of the most relevant ideas from existing studies on similar research topics, as well as any other relevant resources that might be useful for further reading or reflection on this topic in general.

Hypothetical Example

In this hypothetical example, a group of students is given an assignment to write a poem. The first group has their paper graded by the instructor who grades all papers; the second group’s teacher grades them individually. Both groups have to submit their papers by Friday at noon.

The instructor assigned one of his other students to grade both papers and gave him some extra time in which he could do so. He chose not to evaluate any other student’s work because he felt that it would distract him from grading those who had already submitted their poems earlier than expected (because they were late). He also felt that if he did evaluate another student’s work then this would cause problems with their class schedule later on down the road when there may not be enough time for everyone else due do various reasons (such as illness).

What is the difference between a quasi-experimental and between-subjects design?

The difference between a quasi-experimental and between-subjects design is that you want to compare your results from one group with another. In the case of two groups, if you were using an experimental design, then there would be no way to tell if one group was any different than the other because they wouldn’t be exposed to any confounding variables at all. However, if you were using an explanatory research method instead of an experimental one (for example: correlational study), then it’s possible for scientists to draw conclusions about cause and effect without actually conducting experiments on human subjects in order to do so!

In order for this type of analysis to work properly–and thus produce reliable results–there must be some way for researchers who conduct such studies (called “examinees”) as well as those who make up these groups (called “observers”). Quasi-experimental designs allow us access into these kinds of relationships while avoiding unethical practices such as double-blind testing or blinding participants during interviews or focus groups sessions outside their own homes while under observation by researchers themselves; these methods also tend not require participants agreeing upon what constitutes ethical behavior before engaging further into communication beyond basic introductions like first names only required before moving onto more personal questions which might otherwise lead them away from answering truthfully without realizing something could go wrong later down line after completing initial interview process first thing tomorrow morning!

Factors that make one design type better than the other.

Quasi-experiments are more easily justified than between-subjects designs.

A quasi-experimental design is one where you have a treatment, but not all subjects receive it and some do. In this case, the difference between groups can be attributed to random chance or a third variable (like time). These designs are less likely to bias results than other designs because the data comes from samples that were not randomly selected (and therefore cannot be said to “represent” your population). They also allow for greater flexibility in interpreting findings because they allow researchers to gather information about how different variables interact with each other when introduced into an experiment. This means that many variables can be controlled within the same study instead of having separate studies for each variable being explored separately–which would require using separate surveys/interviews which may take time away from collecting data on other factors such as demographics or location where participants live!

Strengths of Explanatory Research Methods

Explanatory research methods are used to explain cause and effect relationships, test hypotheses and make inferences about the internal validity of experimental results.

Explanatory research methods are also less restrictive than predictive ones when it comes to number of subjects. For example, a researcher could conduct an experiment on 100 students who were randomly assigned to one of two groups: control group or treatment group (with some sort of intervention). The intervention would involve introducing new learning material into the curriculum at their school for biology class so that each student would learn about bacteria in their body before starting high school biology classes next year. This study would have 80% power if conducted with n = 20 participants per group; however if it were done with n = 40 participants per group then only 60% power would be needed due eat chance variation due to randomization across different schools within districts across states within countries around world etcetera

Quasi-experiments are more easily justified than between-subjects designs.

A quasi-experiment is a design that uses a controlled setting and random assignment to examine causal relationships among variables. It is often used as an alternative to randomized experiments, which can be time consuming and expensive to conduct.

Quasi-experiments can be used to study a variety of phenomena, including:

  • Behavioral science (e.g., marketing campaigns)
  • Epidemiology (e.g., studying the relationship between smoking and lung cancer)


Quasi-experiments are a more flexible way to design experiments, and they can be used for research with less clear hypotheses. The main difference between the two design types is that quasi-experiments involve an observational study of a known variable, whereas between subjects designs focus on differences between individual participants (ie., individuals who are randomly assigned to different conditions). Quasi-experiments allow researchers to compare two or more groups while controlling for any differences in the variables being measured by using random assignment instead of random selection or stratification.


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