Interviewing and Employee Selection

Chapter 9Interviewing and Employee Selection

Who Should Interview?

The primary interviewer of any applicant, and the person who makes the hiring recommendation, should be the individual who will directly supervise the person who is hired.

Preparing for the Interview

Review the position description

Study application or résumé

Draft a list of questions

List the positive features of the job,

Preparing for the Interview (more)

Familiarize yourself with the salary and benefits for the position

Visualize the tour of your facilities that you will give the applicant

Schedule a time and place that ensure privacy and freedom from interruptions.

Conducting the Interview

Be on time

Put the applicant at ease

Review applicant’s chronology

Review work history

“Market” the job and department

Kinds of Questions to Ask

Ask open-ended questions that require an applicant to answer in two or three sentences (closed-ended questions, answerable in a word or two, give you little information).

Kinds of Questions to Ask

Use a number of probing questions that address the five “W”s: why, what, who, when, and where, plus how.

Questions to Avoid

Ask no questions that require an applicant to reveal age, date of birth, race, religion, or national origin

Ask nothing about disability

Do not ask for a recommendation

Do not ask about “next of kin”

Do not ask nature of military discharge

Questions to Avoid (more)

Do not ask marital status

Do not ask about home or car ownership

Ask nothing about credit or financial status

Do not directly ask applicant’s height or weight

Do not ask about arrest record

Do not ask if person collects Social Security

Everything Asked —

— should relate to what the individual knows, have done, can do, and would like to do; you are seeking the producer, not the private individual.

Recommended Kinds of Questions

Ask questions to determine professional or technical competency. These should be related to duties and responsibilities

Ask Questions Intended to Evaluate:


Teamwork potential

Followership skill and attitude

Resistance to stress

Retention potential

Customer service orientation

In Addressing Sensitive Issues:

Avoid strong terms such as “weakness” and “deficiency.” Substitute phrases such as “area of concern,” “need for more experience,” and “need to enhance full potential, etc.”

Clues to Untruthfulness

Resume’s that are “too good to be true”

Imprecise wording that may be intended to mislead

Unexplained gaps in personal chronology

Contradictions and overlaps within education and work history

Questions from Candidates

You can learn much from the applicant who asks intelligent questions about the job; as you can also learn much from the applicant who asks only selfish questions, such as those that deal with salary, benefits, vacation, etc.

In Evaluating Candidates:

Weigh negatives more heavily than positives.

Evaluate flexibility and ability to adjust to change.

Watch for strong feelings and beliefs.

Note whether person’s emphasis is customer-oriented or task-oriented.

Avoid leaping to conclusions during the initial phase of an interview.

At Interview’s End

Indicate that follow-up will come from human resources; do NOT presume to offer the job on the spot.

Job Offers —

Are extended by human resources.

Should be extended conditional upon completion of reference checking and passing a pre-employment physical examination.

“Why Not Me?”

Do not attempt to respond directly to unsuccessful applicants who call you directly to ask why the were not hired. Always refer them back to human resources.

Reference Checking

Do not attempt to check references yourself. All reference checking should be performed by and through human resources.


Interviewing and Employee Selection


You’ve decided to hire a new employee and now you’re wondering how to go about it. The good news is that interviewing is one of the most important skills for any manager to have. In this article, we’ll discuss what good interviewing looks like as well as some tips and guidelines for effective interviews.


The purpose of interviewing is to determine if the person you’re considering for a job is qualified and has the necessary skills, background and experience.

The format of an interview:

  • A structured interview schedule that includes questions about your past performance on the job;
  • Questions about what you would like to do in the future;
  • A discussion about salary expectations, benefits and other perks offered by your company.

The purpose of interviewing

Interviewing is a way to assess job candidates and the organization. The interviewer wants to make sure that the candidate has the right skills, experience and personality for their position.

The purpose of interviewing is also to determine whether or not this person will fit into your company culture. You want to find out if they’re a good fit with your team, management style and personality before you offer them an offer letter or start working together full time.

The format of an interview

Interviewing is a dynamic process that requires careful attention to the details. You need to know how to structure and deliver your questions, how much time you should give for each question, how long your interviewee should be allowed for their answers, and when it’s appropriate for you to ask follow-up questions or make a conclusion about the information presented by either party during an interview process.

When conducting an interview with someone who has no previous experience working within your company or industry (like if they’re applying as an intern), it’s important that there aren’t any major confusions between what’s expected from both parties involved in this type of situation—and this means keeping eye contact throughout the conversation so both parties feel comfortable speaking openly without feeling pressure from one another due any awkward pauses caused by not knowing whether they’re being listened too closely enough by each other!

Interviewing guidelines and tips

  • Be prepared. You should have a list of questions ready, and be prepared for any possible situation that might arise during the interview.
  • Be professional, but don’t be too formal—just remember to use your manners!
  • If you’re interviewing someone who’s older than you are, ask whether they’d prefer not to answer questions about their age. For example: “How old is [name]?” or “How long have they worked here?” etc.

Interviewing is a skill that can be improved with practice.

Employers are always looking for ways to improve their interviewing skills, and this can be done by practicing. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Learn from your mistakes. If you make a mistake during an interview, don’t worry! The worst thing that will happen is someone will notice and ask if you could do something differently next time around. If they say yes, then great! You have learned something new about yourself and how much potential there is within yourself that wasn’t apparent before (or maybe even perceived as valuable).
  • Be confident in yourself when conducting interviews with other candidates or employees who may not be familiar with all of the aspects involved in conducting an interview successfully; however if this isn’t possible because of lack of experience then consider asking friends or family members who know more than just how things look from within themselves but also about what goes on behind closed doors behind closed doors – including questions like “What does success mean?”


Interviewing is a skill that can be improved with practice. A good interview should take the form of a conversation, not an interrogation, and you should show respect to your potential employees. If you want to get better at interviewing, here are some tips:

  • Ask open-ended questions (instead of yes/no or multiple-choice ones).
  • Don’t use generic responses like “nice to meet you” or “thank you for your time today” when talking about yourself—these are boring and impersonal! Instead, use something more personal like “I enjoyed meeting [insert name] today” or even “You seem like an amazing person! How did we connect?” This shows that you care about their experience as well as getting them comfortable with their surroundings so they feel comfortable sharing what’s important in their lives. Also make sure that any time someone says something interesting during the interview process then write it down immediately afterwards so there won’t be any confusion later on when trying recall specific details related to each question asked during each round being answered one after another throughout each day spent together working towards achieving common goals together because teamwork is essential when working together towards success (

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