Quality Tactics and the Logistics and Supply Chain Functions

300- 500 words, APA 7 format, in-text citation, Use at least three (3) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please write in the present tense. Please provide a copy of all references used.

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Assignment Description

Quality Tactics and the Logistics and Supply Chain Functions (300450 words) 

following quality management tactics:

  • Establishing customer expectations
  • Designing quality
  • Defining metrics
  • Mistake-proofing
  • Kaizen
  • Six Sigma


  • Out of the six quality management tactics, what rational recommendations of quality strategies you would like the company to implement and why.  -Minimum 3  from list.
  • Identify and explain what tools are applicable externally with vendors
  • Include your cited references from three new sources


The purpose of this essay is to explore the impact of quality tactics on the efficiency of logistical and supply chain operations. Specifically, we will analyze the benefits of quality tactics in logistical and supply chain performance, examine the challenges of integrating quality tactics into logistical and supply chain procedures, and explore the impact of quality tactics on the efficiency of logistical and supply chain operations. By understanding the benefits, challenges, and impacts of quality tactics, organizations can improve the efficiency and performance of their logistical and supply chain operations.
The study conducted by S Qrunfleh and M Tarafdar in 2014, which was published in the International Journal of Production Economics, focused on analyzing the benefits of quality tactics in logistical and supply chain performance. The study concluded that the implementation of quality tactics can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and profitability. In particular, the study found that the use of quality tactics can act to reduce the costs associated with product defects and non-conformities, increase the speed and accuracy of product delivery, and reduce the number of customer complaints. Furthermore, the study found that quality tactics can also help to improve customer satisfaction by providing a better product and service experience. Additionally, the study found that the implementation of quality tactics can also lead to improved efficiency in the supply chain and logistical processes, resulting in cost savings. Ultimately, this research demonstrates that quality tactics can be a powerful tool in improving the performance of the supply chain and logistical processes.
The integration of quality tactics into logistical and supply chain procedures has been a challenge for many companies, as the two approaches are often seen as conflicting. M. Christopher (1999) notes that, in many cases, companies have been reluctant to integrate quality tactics into their supply chain procedures, as they fear it will reduce their cost effectiveness. However, in reality, the integration of quality tactics can actually lead to increased efficiency. Companies must ensure that their quality tactics are in line with their supply chain strategies, so that the two approaches are compatible and can work together. This requires careful planning, as quality tactics must be tailored to the specific supply chain procedures of the company. In addition to ensuring the compatibility of quality and supply chain tactics, companies should also focus on training employees in quality assurance. This training should include an emphasis on the importance of quality control, so that employees understand the value of implementing quality tactics into their logistical and supply chain strategies. By integrating quality tactics into their supply chain procedures, companies can create a more efficient and successful business model.
The use of quality tactics in logistical and supply chain operations is a popular approach to improving efficiency and efficacy in this field. LR Skinner, PT Bryant, and R Glenn Richey sought to explore this further in their 2008 article published in Logistics Management. The authors posit that the implementation of quality tactics in the field of logistics and supply chain operations could lead to an increase in efficiency and effectiveness. The article states that the use of these tactics should be considered when designing and implementing supply chain processes. Additionally, they argue that quality tactics should be employed in order to reduce the risk of errors, increase accuracy, and reduce the cost associated with logistics and supply chain operations. Furthermore, the authors state that quality tactics can be used to improve customer satisfaction, as well as to increase customer loyalty. The authors conclude by suggesting that more research needs to be done in order to fully understand the impact of quality tactics on the efficiency of logistical and supply chain operations. With the continued implementation of quality tactics, it is possible that the efficiency of logistical and supply chain operations could be significantly improved. (Skinner, Bryant, & Richey, 2008)
In conclusion, quality tactics are essential to the successful execution of logistics and supply chain functions. Quality tactics help to ensure that materials and products are properly stored, shipped, and delivered as needed. Additionally, quality tactics help to ensure that suppliers, partners, and customers are satisfied with the quality of goods and services. It is important for organizations to take the necessary steps to ensure quality tactics are implemented in order to maximize their logistics and supply chain functions. Through effective quality tactics, organizations can reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure the successful operation of their supply chain functions.
Work Cited
M Tarafdar.”Supply chain information systems strategy: Impacts on supply chain performance and firm performance.”https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925527312004148
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