Discuss some of the memory techniques you use in studying and how they relate to the memory process. Discuss false memories and their impact as well

Weve seen that memory is a very complicated thing. Much of success in school depends on being able to remember facts and figures while relating them to a general theory or philosophy. Discuss some of the memory techniques you use in studying and how they relate to the memory process. Discuss false memories and their impact as well. Can you give any personal examples of a time you experienced a false memory? Watch the video below about false memories.


link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUEuASXOyvE

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Discuss some of the memory techniques you use in studying and how they relate to the memory process. Discuss false memories and their impact as well


When I was in school, my teachers told me that I had a good memory. They said that’s why I was able to learn so much and retain it for so long. But when it came time for them to tell me how they did it, they were stumped! They couldn’t explain how they were able to remember things better than other people do—it just seemed like magic or something. While there are many different strategies for improving your memory, here are some that have worked well for me:

I look at the material as a whole, rather than as individual facts or examples.

Another way to approach memory techniques is by paying attention to how you’re thinking about the material. You may be looking for connections between things that seem unrelated, or you might notice similarities between different facts or examples. This approach can help you understand a topic better and remember it more easily in future learning sessions.

Also, when you have finished reading a text or watching an online video, it’s important not just to remember what was said but also why it was said. If someone says something wrong or makes an inappropriate comment in class (or even worse–a racist remark), then they need feedback so they know how they sound while talking with others later on.

I’m able to remember things that happened months or years earlier.

You might have noticed that I can remember things that happened months or years earlier. This is because of a memory process called “retrieval practice.” When we practice retrieving memories, our brains strengthen the connections in our brains between certain pieces of information and their associated emotions. This allows us to more easily access these memories when needed for study purposes or other reasons.

There are different ways to practice retrieval: writing down notes about things that happened yesterday; thinking about what you need later on today; talking about how something made you feel during an exam last month (or even if it was just this morning). The point here isn’t just remembering what happened–it’s also understanding why those events were so memorable for you individually!

My memory is especially good for visual information because I can see how it fits in with the rest of what I’m trying to remember.

Your visual memory is especially good for visual information because you can see how it fits in with the rest of what you’re trying to remember. Visual memories are also more memorable and are more likely to be remembered, recalled and recalled than auditory memories. This can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Your brain processes images faster than sounds or words.
  • Images are processed by different parts of the brain than words or sounds (e.g., vision occurs in the occipital lobe while hearing occurs in both hemispheres).
  • You may have learned how to recognize patterns before they come into your consciousness; thus when something new comes along (like an image), it’s easier for you to identify them as well

If you want to learn something new, you need to make connections between the new information and what you already know.

In order to learn something new, you need to make connections between the new information and what you already know.

  • Connecting new information to other new information: When you are trying to learn something new, it can be helpful to connect the two by comparing them or bringing them together in some way. For example, if I am learning about a concept and I have trouble understanding how it works because there isn’t enough context or explanation for me yet (e.g., “This is what my teacher said about X,” or “I think that’s why we’re doing Y”), then I would say things like “So this means…” or “That sounds like…” until I understand what they mean.* Connecting new information with previous knowledge: This can happen when we use our memories of things we’ve learned before when thinking about them again later on in life–for example, if someone asks us questions about where their friend went last weekend but they weren’t able answer because they were too busy studying all weekend long (and therefore forgot). In this case there might be some confusion over whether they missed out on an important part of their lives due only because they lost track while studying instead of missing out due being too busy with schoolwork.* Connecting previous experience/knowledge with current experiences/knowledge: This happens whenever someone tries something different than what he/she usually does; e

It’s important to make connections between new information and what you already know

It’s important to make connections between new information and what you already know. This is why, when studying, it’s important that you connect new facts with those that you have already learned. This will help your brain make associations between the two things so that they can be remembered together more easily.

For example: If I were reading a book about math and one of the equations said 6×10=60 and another equation said 12×12=144 then my brain would not remember which number comes first because there aren’t any other numbers in common besides 60/10 or 60/12 (and even then these don’t seem to match). But if instead I saw 14×14=290 then my brain would know immediately which equation came first based off of its number values alone!


The more you practice the memory techniques and strategies that we’ve covered here, the better you’ll become at remembering and learning. And the more you learn about your own brain, the easier it will be for you to assess what works best for your unique brain. The best way to get started is by practicing daily! You can start by practicing a few of these strategies every day until they become second nature or even automatic.

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