Describe structural organization of the human body



Describe structural organization of the human body (BL 2)


Describe structural organization of the human body


The human body is made up of many different parts that work together to keep us alive. In this article, we’ll explore the structure of the human body and how it’s organized so you can understand better how your own organ systems work.


The bones of the human body are made of calcium and phosphate. They are connected by cartilage, which allows for the smooth movement of the joint between two adjacent bones. The joints in your body can range from small, like those between two fingers or toes, to large joints that allow you to move your arm or legs around freely.

The muscles that connect each bone together also attach themselves to tendons (long fibers running from muscle group to muscle group). These machines work together when you bend one knee up towards your chest; they pull on these tendons so that it’s easier for you to move forward as well as backward


Muscles are made of cells that contract and relax. Cells are what make up all living things, including animals and plants. A muscle cell has a nucleus (DNA), which contains all the genetic information for an animal or plant.

A muscle is made up of bundles of muscle fibers, which are connected to each other by small blood vessels called “muscular veins.” Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, while waste products (such as carbon dioxide) leave through their own veins.

There are three main types of muscles: cardiac (used when you breathe), smooth (used for walking or running), skeletal (used in movement) and voluntary muscles like those used during speech production

Veins and arteries

Veins and arteries are the main conduits of blood throughout the body. Veins carry blood from your heart, while arteries carry it to various parts of your body.

Veins are much larger than arteries; they have an intricate network of small tubes that carry oxygenated blood from one end to another. Arteries on the other hand, are more muscular in nature and have a single large tube through which all oxygenated nutrients pass as well as waste products being removed by them (for example, carbon dioxide). The diameter of a vein varies greatly depending on its location within our bodies but is generally less than 1 millimeter wide for most veins located in our legs or arms (such as those found near joints).


Nerves are a network of fibers that connect the brain to other parts of the body.

They consist of two types of fibers: axons and dendrites. An axon is a long, thin fiber that conducts electrical signals from one neuron to another. A dendrite is short, thickening part at a cell’s end (the end closest to its body). It receives signals from other neurons through its tip–the point where it contacts another nerve cell or muscle tissue (called an “intracellular space”).


Skin is the largest organ in the human body. It protects us from injury, and it also helps to regulate body temperature and prevent water loss. There are two main types of skin: hairless or non-hairy and hairy. Hairless skin has no visible pores, while hairy skin has many pores that allow sweat to escape from the body through these openings without allowing dirt or germs to enter the body through them. The outer layer of both types of skin is called epidermis; this outermost layer consists mostly of dead cells called keratinocytes (which contain pigment) but also contains nerves that send signals about touch sensations like pain when something touches you inappropriately!

The next layer down from this one is known as dermis; here lie collagen fibers that give strength as well as elasticity when stretched out over time due to exercise routines such as running around after being chased by animals trying their best not just survive but thrive despite living conditions being challenging ones at times.”

You need a skeleton to hold you up and keep your organs in place.

You need a skeleton to hold you up and keep your organs in place. A skeleton is made up of bones, which are connected to each other by means of joints. The body’s skeleton is made up of 206 bones, but the head contains only seven bones (including one in your ear).

Joints allow movement between various parts of the body; for example, when you move your arm back and forth or bend it at the elbow joint (the “wrist”). Joints also serve as attachment points for muscles that move around them during movement or action such as walking or running. Joints are formed by cartilage and connective tissue; these materials provide flexibility so that they can bend without breaking apart like plastic might do if overheated too much!


The human body is a complex machine that needs to work together. This is why we have bones and muscles, veins and arteries and nerves as well. These are all things that help keep us alive every day!


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