Identifying where the source of infection and lack of sterilization is the first step in minimizing and eradicating hospital-transmitted diseases caused by lack of sterilization.

Nursing Research

            Identifying where the source of infection and lack of sterilization is the first step in minimizing and eradicating hospital-transmitted diseases caused by lack of sterilization. Once determined, certain guidelines and rules must be put into practice in order to maintain a low-to-nonexistent rate of transmission. Within the institution, an average rate of 6%-7% of diseases transmitted within the hospital (such as urinary tract infections) has been established, which mirrors the average worldwide.

The population for my study are patients contracting hospital-acquired diseases due to lack of successful sterilization.  The population are participants over the age of 18.  Some of the challenges in obtaining a sample of the population would include permission from the committee and risk management department in studying a sensitive group with the potential to engage in litigation against the facility.  To overcome this challenge, participants will be recruited and a waiver would be obtained.


Klevens, R. Monina, et al. “Estimating Health Care-Associated Infections and Deaths in U.S. Hospitals.” Advances in Pediatrics., U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2007.

Mercedes Yumar

Nursing Research

            The population for my study are African Americans adults ages 19 years. The participants voluntarily signed a consent form once the project had been discussed with them. The 12-week project consisted of a one hour session each week which provided a 30-minute educational and a 30-minute physical activity session. The challenges for obtaining a sample from the population are consent and permission from the facility to identify who will qualify to participate. 

            Another challenge is obtaining the tools needed for the research proposal: DASH Diet recommendation tools, action tool for implementation and training protocol for staff.  Setting area for meetings, follow up guidelines after implementation, and software for data analysis.  Other important tools include blood pressure machine, scale, and self-management tools.


Al-Bayan, Maliyhah, Nadia Islam, Shawneaqua Edwards, and Dustin T. Duncan. 2016. “Neighborhood perceptions and hypertension among low-income black women: a qualitative study.” BMC Public Health 16, no. 1: 1-10. Health Policy Reference Center, EBSCOhost 

Muller Sanon

Nursing Research

            The initial search will focus on CINAHL, PubMed, Cochrane, and Medline. Key search terms including CHF, congestive heart failure, chronic heart failure, post-discharge phone

calls, discharge phone calls, hospital readmission, readmission, and re-hospitalization.  Inclusion criteria will be adult patients with HF discharged from an acute care setting.  Systematic reviews randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and observational studies will be the focus.  Studies will be appraised to ensure they meet inclusion criteria, referred to risk of bias in the results, and include a well-defined sample.  Studies will be excluded if they addressed patients discharged from a setting other than acute care. 

            Team members will broaden the scope of the search to include interprofessional interventions as well as telephone calls to reduce hospital readmissions greater than 30 days for patients with HF.  Interventions include telephone calls made to patients after hospital discharge to home compared to usual care. Usual care included follow up with physician or HF clinic, visit by a HF nurse specialist, discharge instructions, and patient education after hospital discharge.

Additional interventions compared to discharge telephone calls included case management in

which multiple disciplines (social workers, pharmacists, nurse specialists, trained volunteers, and physicians) followed up with the patient after discharge.


Orta, R., Messmer, P. R., Valdes, G. R., Turkel, M., Fields, S. D., & Cardenas Wei, C. (2016). Knowledge and Competency of Nursing Faculty Regarding Evidence-Based Practice. Journal of Continuing Education In Nursing47(9), 409. doi:10.3928/00220124-20160817-08.

Alvarez Lizandra week 12


Top of Form

 In order to understand and track down offspring obesity in regard to maternal obesity, the most appropriate researchable population would be women in maternal age. These women are followed throughout the pregnancy and throughout the first years of the child. This population can be difficult to access in order to obtain samples for research due to the time that it takes. Some challenges may be loss of contact throughout the years. Not enough information provided by the participants can also be a challenge of this population. In addition, the researcher may encounter that women are less likely to continue with the research once the baby is born or other complications. However, just like any other research all of these circumstances can be resolved in order to obtain appropriate data for investigation. Some things that can help the researcher and keep the participants engaged include following up with interviews and data collection at a constant rate. Providing reason for the research and possible outcomes to the participants to keep them informed. Also, finding ways to keep participants motivated to continue being part of the research. These interventions are proven to work in research, however the reality is that sometimes the populations being investigated will be lost with time specially of it’s a longitudinal experiment. With the right population the results of a research study can make a big difference.


Banerjee, A., & Chaudhury, S. (2010). Statistics without tears: Populations and samples. Industrial psychiatry journal19(1), 60–65. doi:10.4103/0972-6748.77642

Korngiebel, D. M., Taualii, M., Forquera, R., Harris, R., & Buchwald, D. (2015). Addressing the Challenges of Research With Small Populations. American journal of public health105(9), 1744–1747. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2015.302783

magdaleine week 12


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Factors Affecting Transition of Care: Medication Errors

The transition of care in hospitals is where patients move from the hospital to an outpatient setting or a different department in the hospital. For example, a patient is moving from an Intensive Care Unit to a medicine ward. The transition of care usually is a vulnerable time for patients due to the challenges that it brings. Due to ineffective communication between the nurse who is handing over and the nurse who is receiving the patient, adverse events such as medication errors always occur (Tully, Hammond, Li, Jarrell & Kruer, 2019). This article is a part of the research that is focusing on the researchable population for the factors affecting the transition of care. It will also focus on the challenges of obtaining a sample and how to overcome them.

The population of study focuses on patients admitted in a given hospital during a particular duration of time. Using patients and their treatment sheets for this research provides the most valid data because evidence of medication error can easily be noticed from the patients verbally or from the documentation on the treatment sheets. The most probable challenge when sampling includes using a sample size that is too small to detect correct information. The researcher should be able to balance between too small sample size and a large enough sample size to give high-quality information.


Tully, A., Hammond, D., Li, C., Jarrell, A., & Kruer, R. (2019). Evaluation of Medication Errors at the Transition of Care From an ICU to Non-ICU Location. Critical Care Medicine47(4), 543-549. doi: 10.1097/ccm.0000000000003633

Discussion # 6: Evelyn Dominquez


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Discussion 6

The topic selected for the research project is the burden of transitional care on chronically-ill patients and their care givers in the United States. The most appropriate research population for this project would be the nurses who are actually tasked with the responsibility of providing care for these patients. With the shortage of nurses’ epidemic, current nurses in District General Hospitals would be used in the study. Obtaining a sample from this population would prove challenging because of the amount of workload the few available nurses have on their hands. Most of them already have enough work-related stresses to take on a research project on their hands (Morgan & Somera, 2014). It would also be difficult to recruit nurses who will be available throughout the research project as the inclusion criteria dictates.

The essential that would address these challenges would be organizational and systems leadership which recognizes the critical role that organization and leadership plays in the promotion of patient care that is of high quality and that is safe (Thompson & Donaway, 2018). Assuming leadership roles would help in the implementation of initiatives and policies which would make the nurses’ working environment better and less stressful for them. These initiative and policies would still be within the context of the inter-professional team as it will use effective communication.


 Morgan, D., & Somera, P. (2014). The Future Shortage of Doctoral Prepared Nurses and the Impact on the Nursing Shortage. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 38(1), 22-26. doi:10.1097/naq.0000000000000001

Thompson, M., & Donaway, A. (2018). AACN Essentials. Transitioning From RN to MSN. doi:10.1891/9780826138071.0012

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