Interview with an older adult

N3325 Holistic Care of Older Adults


Week 4 – Assignment: Life Review Analysis

Submit by 2359 Saturday of Week 4.

Name: Date:

Overview: Life Review Analysis

For this assignment, you will reflect on your interview with the older adult, introduce the individual to the reader, and respond to guiding questions to prepare an analysis paper.


Your paper should include the following sections:

1. Introduction of Older Adult – This is the overall context of your interview but should not include the entire interview itself.

2. Analysis of the Life Review Interview – This includes description of the goals and benefits of life review, your differentiation between a Life Review and ordinary remembering and your analysis of the degree of ego integrity reached by the older adult.

3. Student’s Reflections – This describes your personal experience during the process, any impact it will have on your clinical practice, and a projection of your own legacy.

4. References – This is a list of resources you used during your interview and analysis recorded in APA format. Use at least 3 in-text citations of your sources.

Use APA format throughout paper and references as appropriate. The paper should be no longer than 6 pages (not counting Pages 1-3 of this document and your page of references). If you have questions, please discuss them with your Academic Coach.

You must also scan, upload, and submit your Interview Consent Form in the appropriate assignment portal. This form counts toward up to 15 points of your Life Review Analysis score. Your Interview Subject’s full name must appear on the signed consent form!

Details about each section are given later in this document.

Performance Objectives:

· Apply gerontologic nursing principles and standards in nursing practice across the continuum of elder care.

· Use current evidence and theories in care of older adults.

· Conduct a personal interview with an older adult for the purpose of documenting Life Review.


Use this rubric to guide your work on the assignment, “Life Review Analysis.”

The completed Life Review Interview will be analyzed, tying together what the student has learned from the literature about the goals and benefits of Life Review as well as evaluating the interviewee’s status according to Erikson’s final developmental stage, Ego Integrity vs. Despair.

· Rubric Detail

  Levels of Achievement
Criteria Proficient Competent Novice
Interview Consent Form Weight 15.00% 100 %complete with signatures or participant is at least age 70 and is not a relative of student unless student has written permission from Coach/Faculty for an exception(10). Consent is in correct format (not JPEG) 0 % 0 %not submitted at all. Missing informationor signatures or consent is submitted in incorrect formatIf the consent form is not submitted then no credit will beGiven for the assignment
Introduction of Older Adult Confidentiality Weight 2.00% 100 %Older adult is identified only with initials 50 % 0 %Name is used
Selection Process/criteria Biography Significant Events Relationships work and Home Summary statements Weight 7.00% 100 %Key information is present in these areas 75 %Sketchy, missing some information 0 %missing critical information
Organizations/quality Weight 1.00% 100 %Well organized, brief 0 % 0 %Lacks continuity or is excessively wordy
Analysis of Life Review goals and Benefits of Life Review Weight 10.00% 100 %4 or more benefits or goals are listed 70 %2-3 benefits or goals listed 0 %0-1 benefits or goals
Similarity of Life Review to Ordinary Remembering Weight 10.00% 100 %Comparison is present with 2 or more examples from the interview 50 %Comparison with 1 example 0 %no comparison or no examples
Differences between Life Review and Ordinary RememberingWeight 6.00% 100 %Contrast between Life Review and ordinary remembering with explanation of Evaluation. 2 or more examples from interview given 50 %same as proficient but with only 1 example 0 %contrast is inadequate or no examples given
Erikson’s Developmental Stage and Description of Interview Subject Weight 10.00% 100 %Theory is described clearly with 2 specific examples given from the interview 80 %same as proficient with only 1 example 0 %Loos connection between theory and client: missing description of theory or no connection.; no examples
Ego Integrity Rating Weight 3.00% 100 %rating is present and plausible based on documented interview 0 % 0 %Rating is missing or implausible
Rationale for rating Weight 3.00% 100 %Rationale is present and clear from the examples given 0 % 0 %Rationale unclear or missing
Citations regarding Erikson’s Theory Weight 3.00% 100 %1+ source is cited in text 0 % 0 %no citation given to support information on Erikson
Reflections Value and Reason Weight 3.00% 100 %Statement(s) with 1+ reason(s) 50 %Statement with no reasons 0 %no statement of personal value
Most Significant Point of Interview Weight 3.00% 100 %Example(s) with 1+ reason(s) 50 %examples with no reason 0 %no statement of significant point
Most Difficult or Anguishing part Weight 3.00% 100 %example(s) with 1+ reasons or statement of none 50 %examples with no reasons 0 %no statement
Impact on Clinical Practice Weight 3.00% 100 %examples with 1+ reasons 50 %examples with no reasons 0 %no statement
Personal Legacy Weight 2.00% 100 %definition, personal legacy present 50 %definition or personal legacy 0 %no statement regarding legacy
APA Format Used List of References Weight 5.00% 100 %APA format used, 3+ references 60 %APA format used, 1-2 references 1-2 APA errors in references 0 %Incorrect APA (>4 errors) or no list of references
References in Body of the Text Weight 5.00% 100 %APA format used, no APA errors. 3+ references 60 %APA format used, 1-2 APA errors. 1-2 references 0 %Incorrect APA, 3+ APA errors, or no list of references
Spelling Punctuation and Grammar Weight 5.00% 100 %no errors 60 %1-2 errors 0 %>2 errors
Scope minus 5 points if a family member is interviewed without consent of faculty in advance Weight 1.00% 100 %within maximum of 6 pages 0 %over 6 pages -5 %family member interviewed without permission

A. Interview Consent Form

Upload and submit your Interview Consent Form (with elder’s signature) in the appropriate Week 4 assignment portal. This is due 2359 Saturday of Week 4 along with your Life Review Analysis.

B. Introduction of Older Adult

Do not submit the entire interview.

· Describe how and why you selected this older adult (use only older adult’s initials).

· Include a brief biography of your elder. For example:

C.R. is an 84-year-old white male living with his wife of 60 years in Arlington, Texas. He was born in Madison, Wisconsin, the oldest of four children. During his childhood, he lived on a farm, graduated high school and moved to Chicago, IL. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Chicago…..etc., etc.

The brief biography should be at maximum one page in length Do not rewrite your interview, only summarize it. Since the instructor was not present at your interview, this section of the paper provides the context of your interview.

C. Analysis of the Life Review Interview

· Compare and contrast the elements of a Life Review with those of ordinary remembering. Give two supporting examples from your interview. How are they similar, and how are they different?

· Describe 4 goals and benefits of life review. Give references and citations to support them.

· Based on your interview, describe the degree on a scale of 0 to 10 of Erikson’s ego integrity reached by the elder. Give a rationale for your assessment that includes at least one example from the interview.

· Include the reference(s) for your supporting citations (APA style).

· Organize your analysis so that it is complete and concise. Your total paper (beginning with Page 4 of this document) should be 6 pages maximum in length, not counting your page of references.

D. Student’s Reflections

· This interview experience was/was not an enlightening experience. Why?

· Describe the most significant point of the interview to you, and explain why.

· Describe a difficult/anguishing part of the interview, if any, and explain why.

· In what way might you change your general approach to elders in your clinical practice after this experience, if any?

· Define “legacy” in your own terms. Discuss what you would like your legacy to be; what would you like to leave for others?

E. References

List your references for this assignment using APA format.


©2009 UTA School of Nursing


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